An disjointed and long #LearningToDraw session. It started at home with nonstop one and two minute gestures.

I was trying out a different approach called the robo-bean which is a simplified version of the torso. The aim is to capture the basic 3d form but keep the movement of the pose.

I started trying to copy the method demonstrated in the video but copying is not my thing. So I started to adapt it, making it fit in my brain but keeping the purpose.

After a couple of hours I relocated to the coffee shop in the David Lloyd gym for more of the same. By the time I got on to the challenge for the week – express myself – I was tired and my brain had died. So I just doodled to start with.

But then I tried creating caricatures of Nigel Farage. No particular aim, I just thought it might be interesting.

That’s it for this week’s challenge. Doing my own thing has been fun and useful but it will be back to technique  for next week’s challenge. A poll will go up tomorrow to choose it.