Today (well yesterday as I write this) I was traveling to the WOMAD festival. The combination of trains, camping and lack of data meant all my normal #LearningToDraw habits were thrown out.

The little drawing I got done was in a small notebook, mostly from my head. Try to draw life poses from memory, even after all the practice was hard. 

I could blame the motion if the train for the poor quality but mostly it was down to me.

While waiting at a couple of stations I did try sketching some trees (which are still hard and had to be abandoned when my train came) and a group of fellow Womad travellers waiting for the bus. This was my first attempt at this sort of street sketching. It was challenging but enjoyable.

I did get as far as doing my warm-up in my big sketch book once I arrived at Womad but then someone made cocktails and drawing was no longer an option.