My journey to Womad was two hours longer than planned due to my failure to get off a Kemble. Having opted for the quiet carriage, GWR decide not to disturb me with any mention of Kemble having a short platform and that my carriage was at the wrong end of the train.

It was annoying but not a disaster and I was on-site with my tent up by 5pm. After some cocktails (there was ice which was only going to melt if we didn’t use it) we headed towards the stages. 

Beer acquired (or in one case a dangerously drinkable 6.8% cider / perry combo) before heading to the Big Red Tent to see Imarhan, who were fantastic. Traditional Tuareg music with Hendrix like blues guitar. Perfect WOMAD – brilliant music you’ve never heard before and chances are, will never hear again.

Food was needed and the Asian Dub Foundation were playing the Open Air Stage so we combined the two. The ADF rocked and they had a wonderful pro-immigration message. Unsurprisingly, this went down well with the crowd.

It was time for bed. Age requiring an early night if the rest of the festival was to be enjoyed to the max.