#LearningToDraw for the 2016-12-11 in 9 tweets

Dull, faintly miserable weather which fits with my mode this afternoon. Regardless I’m buckling down and getting on with #learningtodraw

Life poses in 4B graphite, from reference. #learningtodraw

Testing different combinations of ink wash. #learningtodraw

Starting pencils for the final version of Porcelain Ghost. #learningtodraw

Tone added to the pencils. Now going to take a break and get more coffee before I apply the initial ink wash. #learningtodraw

First base wash of the final Porcelain Ghost image. Slowly working out how to get consistent cover and tone. #learningtodraw

Quick animal sketches. #learningtodraw

Finishing off with a few more quick animals but this time in brush pen done fast & loose. #learningtodraw

All my work today. Good progress of the final version of Porcelain Ghost and solid practice on human & animal forms. #learningtodraw

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