Phone Art is an experimental space for art created on phone. Each image starts with a photograph or a photograph of a drawing and then heavily processed to create something significantly different from the original. All the editing and processing is done on my phone (Motorola Moto G 3rd Gen), often on the move or in a few spare minutes.

My Phone Art focuses on two areas of creativity – speed and black boxes.

Smartphones are synonymous with a fast paced, share-instantly culture. They are not tools to write long essays or feature films but they excel at brief status updates and as-it-happens snapshots. My Phone Art embraces this. Images are processed quickly, almost instinctively, without double-guessing the creative process. The results are then quickly shared without filtering, letting the number of likes & retweets act as the measure of artistic worth rather than the artist’s own judgement.

In my Phone Art, the phone and the apps used become a black box – outside of the artist’s control. Whereas traditionally artists have striven for control of their medium, taking care in making their paints or selecting the tools, the phone takes it out of the artist’s hands. The capabilities of the phone change as its software is updated. Filters and effects appear and disappear at the whim of the software developer rather than the choice of the artist. The artist, apart from the name of the tool or filter can never know exactly what the software does to an image. It makes the creative process for phone art an exercise of trial an error, trying different combinations of vaguely named themes and effects to produce an aesthetically pleasing, or at least interesting, piece of art.

All Phone Art images are presented without a title or context. They just are – to be valued only on how they appear on your screen.