#LearningToDraw for the 2017-01-14 in 8 tweets

Apparently it is 4 degrees outside but it felt much colder walking here to Costa. Now warming up physically and mentally. #learningtodraw

Very quick life poses using a flat pencil technique. It’s bloody hard. The way you hold and move the pencil feels unnatural. #learningtodraw

I’m discovering you need to think about the drawing process differently with this technique. More expressive, less exact. #learningtodraw

A couple of more detailed life poses. #learningtodraw

The most annoying things about #learningtodraw is that there are no shortcuts and those techniques for building form methodically work.

A couple of faces with lots of work on planes and form and then blended to hell with a napkin. #learningtodraw

Couple of quick doodles straight from my head. #learningtodraw

Everything from today’s #learningtodraw. Some bad, some not so bad.

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