#LearningToDraw for the 2017-01-18 in 6 tweets

It’s my life drawing class later so I’m in town for a shortish session before hand. Today’s its drawing exercises and hands. #learningtodraw

Having to shuffle my seat so I can draw on the left page due to inconvenient pillar. One of the drawbacks of a landscape pad #learningtodraw

Focusing on gesture drawings of the same pose working on a good, fast technique. #learningtodraw

Some fairly naff poses, trying to get proportions right on a overly muscled model. #learningtodraw

Three quickish life poses focusing on outlining the body and then layering the clothes on top. #learningtodraw

Various 1, 5, 10 and 20 minute poses from tonight’s @LifeDrawNottm class. #learningtodraw

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