#LearningToDraw for the 2017-01-21 in 8 tweets

Made to Starbucks for only second time this year. Warming up with basic head shapes but struggling to get a feminine shape. #learningtodraw

Oh my god, it’s full of heads. #learningtodraw

Not just heads this time but whole bodies. Using natural street poses (mostly) I’m trying to deconstruct the body shapes. #learningtodraw

More full poses, working on basic structure, using street photos which gives natural poses but I have to deduct clothes. #learningtodraw

Not brilliant but pleased with the process. Started with a reference photo for the pose but added my own clothes & hair. #learningtodraw

Another copied pose but dressed from my imagination. Not perfect but better than the first one. #learningtodraw

Final pose clothed by my imagination. Pleased with how I’ve got the body shape. It’s taken from a photo of Churchill. #learningtodraw

I’ve been here six hours so better piss off home and get lunch. Pleased with a day of solid technique practice. #learningtodraw

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