The professional and personal home page of Chris Tregenza, Nottingham. UK


Chris has a variety of his own projects which he mixes with consultancy work.


A selection of Chris’s skill set:

  • Web Development
    • CSS, HTML, Linux, PHP, SQL, WordPress
  • Web Marketing
    • SEO, Adwords, Copy Writing
  • Design
    • InDesign, Photoshop


Don’t Hire Chris …

… if you need someone to work 9 til 5, five days a week, doing the same task day in and day out. Find an expert in that task and hire them instead.

But …

… if you need someone flexible, with the wide range of experience and knowledge that can only be learnt in a 30 year career, Chris might be the person you are looking for.

Chris has a wide range of skills, from programming in PHP to designing book covers. Whether it is setting up a web site or managing a project or talking to customers, Chris has the hard won experience and skills to get the job done.

Flexibility also applies to Chris’ working hours and commitments. Whether you need someone for an hour a week or full time for a month, Chris can adapt to fill your needs and your budget.

Curriculum Vitae

Writing & Publishing

Chris owns and operates 6d6 RPG, a publisher of tabletop role-playing games. The writer of seven books and publisher of three more, Chris has carved out a solid reputation as a publisher of distinctive and well-received games. In total, Chris has written, edited, laid-out and published hundreds of pages and hundreds of thousands of words.

Other Stuff

Myomancy was once the leading blog on ADHD / Dyslexia / Autism treatment and medication. It achieved top three positions in highly competitive keywords relating to medication and side effects. Then Google changed what they considered acceptable link building techniques and the rules on adverts for medication in Adsense. These changes crippled the earning potential of the blog and is now largely unused.

Poosk is an old blog to publish Chris’ occasional pieces of art. It fell into disrepair and is currently being re-invented.

Tintinology (formerly Tintin Movie) is an old web site originally set up to follow the production of the Spielberg film of Tintin, the boy reporter. Now lying dormant after the studios abandon plans for any sequels.

Personal Projects

#LearningToDraw follows my daily sessions as I teach myself to draw. It is a skill I’ve always craved my goal is to become a competent artist. This will be useful in my web design and book publishing work but mostly it is about doing it for myself.

Roughly a Photo-a-Day is my photoblog. The goal is simply to post roughly one photo a day to develop my photographic and image edit skills as well as generally keep my creative mind stimulated. Other photos which don’t fit in this category (e.g. special events and experiments) go here. You can find my photos on 500px and Flickr.