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The UK is constantly introducing new “anti-terrorism” laws that stifle freedom. The latest madness, the 2008 Counter-Terrorism act makes it illegal to photograph policemen. This is just a continuation of the clampdown on photography that has gone on since 2001.

Photography is not terrorism

This image was inspired by Platitude of the Day and this post in particular. There was something amusing about the idea of a Celestial Teapot. As well this image I created and a-teapostist image here.

Maybe There Is A Teapot

The full moon and the phases of the moon on black background. Released under the Creative Commons CA-SA license.

Full Moon, Black Background, Creative Commons CC-SA
Phases of the Moon. Creative Commons. CC-SA

A little known fact about Santa’s sleigh is that it was originally pulled by nine reindeer: Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Cupid, Comet, Donder, Blitzen and Karl. However around the 1840’s, shortly before Clement Clarke Moore’s famous poem brought fame to Santa’s reindeer, Karl became politicized and took an increasing interest in left wing revolutionary teachings. Opposing the blatant exploitation of the reindeer, elves and the rest of Santa’s little helpers, Karl started to take direct action. He organised strikes and protests through-out Santa’s magical kingdom leading to the now infamous “Night before Christmas Revolution”. Intending to depose Santa in a popular uprising so that the Reindeer and elves could deliver the Christmas presents themselves, Karl made his famous “Pull your own frakking sleigh” speech. Santa responded by pulling a .44 Magnum out of his sack and blowing Karl’s head off.

Pull Your Own Frakking Sleigh

With apologies to Lou Read, the BBC and George A. Romero, I created the Perfect Day (of the Dead) music video featuring the undead of Zombiecon. The video can be found on YouTube as Perfect Day (of the Dead). The BBC video I was taking off can is here: Perfect Day by Various Artists.

My version was recorded on an eTech Dig-850XS camera that came free with a £30 order of stationery from Stables. As you get what you pay for, the quality is not that great, especially when people move. But it was free so I’m not complaining. It was edited together on an old Thinkpad with a free, 45 day trial version of ULead Video Studio. In short, this cost nothing to make other than my time and the time of my priceless assistant Jess.

The logo, in 4:3 ratio, as used in the video can be downloaded here.

A friend of mine, Hawkida, has posted a Making of Perfect Day of the Dead video with behind the scenes footage.


The Sad Tab is the “I’ve Crashed” image for tabs in the new Google Chrome browser. It may become as familiar an image as the Twitter Fail Wail but hopefully not as recognisable as the Blue Screen of Death. As the browser is not actually out yet the only image of Sad Tab is the one in the Google Chrome comic book by Scott McCloud. Based on that image I’ve created this design and labeled it version 0.50. When the browser is out and the Sad Tab is seen in the wild, I’ll update the image.

Sad Tab

Stylish merchandise for Taking inspiration from the cover of Tintin in Tibet, probably the best of the Tintin books, you can show your support for Tintin with these T-Shirts, Mugs and Icons.

Tintin Movie

Best wishes with menaces. Get well soon with violence. Nothing helps speed up the healing process than a death threat to small, cute furry hamster.


Play This Thing, a review site for cool, independent and inventive games are seeking a logo that games writers can use on their web sites when their games have featured on Play This Thing. I thought I would have a go.

Play This Thing

Terry Pratchett, author of the Discworld novels, has been diagnosed with a rare form of Alzheimer’s. In response he has donated half a million pounds (approx $1 million) to Alzheimer’s research and appeared on TV highlighting the low levels of research funding it receives. His readers and Science Fiction and Fantasy Fans from around the world are helping to match Terry’s donation. Buy this T-Shirt and all the profits (roughly $10) will go to Alzheimer’s Research or donate directly.

UPDATE: There is now a web site:

UPDATE 2: The T-shirts have no longer available. Thanks to every who brought one. It has raised approx $3000 for Alzheimer’s research. Please go to Match It For Pratchett for information on how else you can help the fight against Alzheimer’s.


Match It For Pratchett

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