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There is nothing more welcome than finding treasure in Final Fantasy XII and that little Treasure Icon that pops up is a friend amongst a sea of monsters. Now you can proclaim your own treasured status or give a Final Fantasy XII treasure t-shirt to the special person in your life. If the treasure of your life has a bun in the oven then a gamers maternity shirt is what you need.

Final Fantasy XII Treasure
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If you find yourself having make a difficult moral decision, such as whether it is acceptable to lock people up for 56 days without charge. Stop and think to yourself, what would nazis do? And then do the complete opposite.

What Would Nazi's Do?

Sandbanks on the Loire by Swiss painter and graphic artist Felix Vallotton. Developing an interest in woodcuts thanks to a exhibition of Japanese art, Vallotton develop stark techniques with large areas of solid black or white. Later he concentrated on painting that tended towards stark realism but this painting from two years before his death points towards the pittura metafisica (Metaphysical art) movement.
My reworking of Sandbanks on the Loite is an experiment in using flat planes of colour to capture the otherworldliness of Vallotton’s original.

Sandbanks on the Loire

These flowers are inspired by (OK, ripped off from) Superflat artistTakashi Murakami design, Flowers.
My superflat flowers design has one advantage of Murakami’s, it can tile. So it makes a great background for a website,a pattern in Photoshop or a brush in Illustrator. Download it for free an help yourself. Its released under a creative commons license – CC-SA.

Superflat Flowers

10 Macaroni Penguin Facts.

1. They live on the Falkand Islands
2. The eat squid and krill but not pasta
3. Their name comes from Macaroni meaning dandy or fop. e.g. “He stuck a feather in his cap and calls it Macaroni”
4. Macaroni Penguins are the 4th most searched for penguin on Google, after the Emperor, King and Adelie penguins
5. Macaroni Penguins are closely related to the Royal Penguin but they only occasionally exchange Christmas Cards
6. In a popular vote, the Macaroni Penguins selected The Clash as the greatest ever rock band
7. On average, 12 penguins a year die in sex games
8. During the long, dark winter months, Macaroni Penguins come up with plans to give those stuck-up Emperor Penguins a good kicking
9. No one has ever choked to death whilst eating a Macaroni Penguin
10. The three biggest causes of death amongst young Macaroni Penguins are Smoking, Syphilis and Drive-by shootings

Macaroni Penguin

Very little is known about the strange Long-eared jerboa. It is only a few centimeters tall, hops like a kangroo, has a tail 3 times the size of its body and has that some of the largest ears relative to size. Like many other creatures today, it is in danger as its habitat on the barren steppes of Mongolia is under threat. Recently, Jonathan Baillie of Evolutionary Distinct & Globally Endangered (EDGE) foundation was able to film these creatures for the first. You can see the amazing footage here.

Long-Earned Jerboa

Its a little known fact that the Bunny is the patron saint of disappointment. The Pope did it to make fun of the Great Disappointment. Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist which is probably what the USGS surveyors thought when they got to the top of Mount Disappointment and found out it wasn’t the highest peak in the area as they thought. Its surprising the mountain isn’t called Why The Fuck Did We Just Climb Up Here. There are also three Cape Disappointments. One on South Georgia, one in Antarctica and one in the Orkney islands.

Bunny of Disappointment

Its Goodbye Kitty and Hello Allah from this suicide bomber cat. On its way to heaven and its 72 vestal virgins. Though what a cute female kitty-cat will do with seventy two virgins I’ve no idea.

Goodbye Kitty, Hello Allah

What happens when two of the most important images of the 20th Century collide? Duchamp’s Fountain challenged the very nature of art and introduced the idea of conceptual art. Magritte’s The Treachery of Images is a surrealist masterpiece that explores the different between what is real and what is art. The Treachery of Urinals is an art mash-up that brings these two seminal pieces together.
The text, Ceci n’est pas un fontaine (This is not a Fountain), questions what the image is. In Magritte’s original Treachery, the pipe was not a pipe, it was a picture of a pipe. However Duchamp’s Fountain was not a fountain but a urinal that was turned onto its side and called a fountain. So not only is it not a fountain but an image of a fountain but the it not an image of a fountain either.
See also The Treachery of Popes

Ceci Nest Pas Une Fountaine - The Treachery of Urinals

Autofellatio 2012 london olympicsAutofellatio 2012 london olympics

Celebrate the coming of Autofellatio 2012 to London. Its bound to be an olympic occasion in one of the worlds finest cities. The bold logo will raise a few eyebrows, especially when you tell people you will be competing.


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