Sketching badly while sitting in the best coffee shop in Nottingham (@200DegreesCafe) listening to @maryannehobbs on the best radio station in the world.


@200DegreesCafe “sloeblack, slow, black, crowblack”

Sometimes I worry about all the time I’ve spent in @200DegreesCafe working on #LearningToDraw.

The rest of the time I worry about all the time wasted not drinking coffee and drawing.

RT @200DegreesCafe: 200 fans, we’d love it if you could spare a minute and vote for us in the category of cafe/deli express 😘

Arrrgh! New @200DegreesCafe loyalty card and server puts the stamp top right! Everyone knows it starts top left!!! #anarchy #chaos #EndTimes

That’s it #learningtodraw today. Solid practice and a bit of design work. Thanks to @200DegreesCafe for hosting and great coffee as always.

Short #learningtodraw before life drawing in a hour. For a change I’m @200DegreesCafe, a lovely place but absolutely packed this evening.

@200DegreesCafe are you sure ‘Indonesian babe’ is the most professional way to describe a staff member? Try ‘coffee expert’ next time

Warm-up for a #LearningToDraw session @200DegreesCafe. Later I’ll be at the anti-racism rally, until then it’s art.

@200DegreesCafe you open till 8pm? That is worth knowing.

Getting settled in at @200DegreesCafe for today’s #learningtodraw session.

Settling in at @200DegreesCafe for today’s #learningtodraw session.

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