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RT @Anna_Soubry: My thanks to police & CPS for the prosecution, conviction (g plea) & sentence of David Stuart who sent me & other MPs appalling threatening emails. He rec’d 18 weeks custody (suspended), rehab order & £250 compo I’m donating to @JoCoxFoundation #StandUpForDemocracy

RT @Anna_Soubry: Thank you @IanBlackfordMP @CarolineLucas & MPs from other parties who are supporting my application for an Urgent Question in #Parliament today on the Govt & Labour #Brexit bail out talks. Back room stitch ups go against democracy & Parliamentary scrutiny @TheIndGroup #ChangeUK

RT @MichaelRose_GBR: @Anna_Soubry @TheIndGroup 1334: The year of the first reported case of The Black Death
1334: The number of council seats the Tories have lost in the last 24 hours.

RT @f_grovewhite: A year ago today, 1200 people turned up at our @peoplesvote_uk launch event in Camden, including @SirPatStew @Anna_Soubry @ChukaUmunna @CarolineLucas @LaylaMoran @richardreedinno @MazzucatoM @lara_spirit & @Femi_Sorry. Three weeks ago 1m people turned up for the #PeoplesVoteMarch

RT @NottPeoplesVote: The “other march” came to Beeston in @Anna_Soubry‘s constituency yesterday to be trolled by @ByDonkeys.

Meanwhile, Anna was on stage in front of a million people.

10. Another one of @Anna_Soubry, this time surrounded by media the day after leaving the Conservative party.


From a technical, public speaking point of view, @Anna_Soubry delivered a cracking speech this afternoon.

The content was a little flabby but the delivery was passionate, clear and done without notes.

RT @Anna_Soubry: Just in case you weren’t sure who’s running our country @Jacob_Rees_Mogg confirms the most important decision our country has taken since WW2 hangs on the views of a self appointed committee of #ERG hard #Brexit “lawyers” and the DUP. So much for #TakingBackControl @TheIndGroup

RT @tonyroe: Been out filming @Anna_Soubry for @bbcemt and @BBCNews meeting voters of Nottingham one to one. All opinions on #Brexit heard.

A lot going of in #Nottingham‘s Market Square with @NottPeoplesVote out in force and @Anna_Soubry being trailed by C4 news cameras as she talks to people about #PeoplesVote

RT @Rowland72James: Jeremy Corbyn decides to hold a rally In @anna_Soubry constituency in deliberate snub to remainers #Brexit #TIG

RT @Anna_Soubry: You mean the seat you & your #Momentum candidate lost. Instead of pursing tribal politics stay true to #Labour conference policy & back the x party #PeoplesVote in slab Square @NottPeoplesVote from 11 #Brexit is more important than your political ambition #Broxtowe @TheIndGroup

RT @Channel4News: “We have a pitiful level of leadership in both parties.”

@Anna_Soubry says it was “a spine-chillingly dreadful moment” when the Brexit Secretary said the government was “prepared” to leave the EU without a deal.

RT @Anna_Soubry: Irresponsible & Unacceptable also come to mind. Parliament must step up NOW & take control of #Brexit #Courage #CountryFirst

RT @Anna_Soubry: Snr. Ministers must stand up & be counted. Private despair at the grave crisis we face is not enough. We need leadership & courage to stop #NoDealBrexit & w no credible option let’s get this matter back to the British people @peoplesvote_uk The national interest must come first

RT @Anna_Soubry: Last night’s votes have sadly taken us nearer to a disastrous #NoDealBrexit PM promised clarity but instead is chasing unicorns. The only way forward is @peoplesvote_uk & it will become even more clear in 2 weeks time when #TheresaMay comes back empty handed

RT @Anna_Soubry: My good pals @BrandonLewis @NickyMorgan01 @NickBoles @GeorgeFreemanMP Jonathan Djanogoly, Oliver Letwin @Sandbach deemed “traitors” voting FOR PM’s Brexit “deal” @Conservatives must stand up to Brexit bullyboys Pls email your support to their Associations

RT @euromovenotts: Good luck to @ChrisLeslieMP @Anna_Soubry and other local moderate MPs, including the venerable Ken Clarke, in reaching a sane way forward on BREXIT – which for anyone who really cares about the UK’s future must involve stopping it, one way or another. Then we can get back to work

RT @Anna_Soubry: Thank you Femi. You’re a real pal and brave #Brexit warrior!

RT @RemainingKind: @Anna_Soubry sorry for the abuse you got this afternoon from those ‘yellow jackets’ who are not protestors merely disrupters. Utmost respect to how calm you were. Thank you for everything you do

RT @Anna_Soubry: All party @peoplesvote_uk press conference underway led by #Labour ‘s respected Margaret Beckett. Time for everyone to step up in the national interest. Only a #Public #PeoplesVote can settle #Brexit w #Remain on the ballot paper @LibDems @CarolineLucas @Plaid_Cymru @theSNP

@EuropeanRover @Anna_Soubry @NottPeoplesVote Thanks, and yes I do. Almost all my photography is black & white.

You find a bunch of it here.

You can also find me on Instagram but that tends to be my artwork rather than photos.

I’ve made it back to the Nottingham stall and bumped into @Anna_Soubry whose helping @NottPeoplesVote campaign

Politically I could not be further from Anna but I’m proud to be fighting side-by-side with her for a #PeoplesVote.

RT @FFSake_: . @Anna_Soubry kicks us off at the launch of the report into the economic impact of the Government’s Brexit plan.

It’s not what people voted for – which is why we want a #PeoplesVote

RT @Anna_Soubry: One of the biggest problems with the warmly worded Political Declaration is precisely that – it has no weight – no certainty. It merely promises years of negotiations to an unknown destination. This is not what #Leave promised & not what anyone voted for.

@AndyGrays0n @Greg4Broxtowe @Anna_Soubry @broxtowelabour @UKLabour @NickKehoe01 @NottPeoplesVote Well Anna voted for the referendum and A50.

But so did Corbyn and last week he was saying Brexit can’t be stopped while Soubry was on a @NottPeoplesVote stall.

Last photos from Saturday’s @NottPeoplesVote (3 of 3).

8. The 200th postcard of the day.

9. @ChrisLeslieMP and @Anna_Soubry

10. Cold, wet but enthusiastic volunteers with a #brexitometer

More @NottPeoplesVote campaigning (2 of 3).

5. Postcard number 150.

6. @Anna_Soubry discusses a #PeoplesVote

7. @ChrisLeslieMP chatting with a volunteer.


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