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RT @Turloughc: Hey @BBCBreaking @BBCNews @bbclaurak @Channel4News !

The Brexit Party was required to check £2.5 worth of PayPal donations for permissablility for teh Electoral Commission.

Instead they have moved it’s Website to the haven of Ascension Island. Can they be urgently asked why?

Dear @BBCNews

You keep playing a clip of Trump saying there were 1000s of people cheering him.

How about you do your job and say how many people were actually cheering him and not just repeat the claims of a proven liar?


The UK

RT @BBCNews: Unprecedented drug shortage linked to Brexit, NHS bosses say

RT @SimonBruni: Dear @BBCNews

You love balance. So please could you balance your endless stream of ignorant europhobic zealots hell-bent on undermining the EU with some well-informed MEPs that have been working for the good of the EU such as @MollyMEP, @SebDance, @CharlesTannock, @TheresaMEP?

RT @tonyroe: Been out filming @Anna_Soubry for @bbcemt and @BBCNews meeting voters of Nottingham one to one. All opinions on #Brexit heard.

RT @BBCNews: #Brexit: No visa but Brits will pay €7 to travel to EU countries

RT @campbellclaret: Yet again @bbcnews reporting end of free movement as a one way thing. We stop ‘EU immigrants’ coming in. What about the fact that it stops ‘us’ going to live and work ‘there’?

RT @kevmcveigh: The lead story on @BBCNews on @BBC6Music is ‘Peter Haint is facing criticism for naming Philip Green as businessman accused of sexual assaults’
It should be ‘Philip Green is facing criticism for sexual assaults’

RT @caracal: So this is how you get the attention of @BBCNews

Remain = Over 700,000 march in London
Leave = @Nigel_Farage ON HIS OWN drops a dead fish in the Thames.

#BBCBias #BrexitBroadcastingCorporation


Dear @BBCNews

The “woman” who testified about Kavanagh has a name – Professor Ford

Please remember to use it like you always do with men.

Dear @BBCNews

It’s great you are mentioning the naming of a Brussels square after Joe Cox but she wasn’t just murdered.

She was assassinated by a rightwing anti-europe terrorist which is why she’s being on honoured by Brussels.

Dear @BBCNews

When mentioning the IMF report, don’t you think it’s worth mentioning that it says ALL forms of #Brexit will be bad for the economy?

RT @BBCNews: Every school, college and university in Scotland will provide free sanitary products under a new scheme

RT @MrHickmott: Dear @BBCNews,

Your weather presenter just said temperatures will fall over coming days. I am outraged that no contrary opinion was sought or even acknowledged to exist. Surely Patrick Minford or Nigel Farage could turn their hands to this, it’s all guesswork anyway.


RT @WeNeedEU: @jdthndr @Bi99le5 @OnMyNightCheese @BBCNews Okay, just to clarify for you:

A Remainer is someone who wants Brexit stopped, crushed, annihilated, razed, smashed into a million pieces, burned and buried.

And the really keen ones among us want everyone in charge of the illegal campaign of lies to stand trial.

RT @campbellclaret: it saves the @BBCNews on taxi bills to be able to go to the same address for all the right wing views to which they give disproportionate airtime

RT @campbellclaret: Polls you won’t hear about on @BBCNews or read about in Brextremist papers

RT @campbellclaret: Here is the non @bbcnews news @bbcr4today Hammond warns of Brexit catastrophe in Ireland. India warns of difficulties over UK trade deal. UK ambassador in France lambasted by Brit residents. Not a peep. If it’s bad for Brexit it ain’t on the Beeb #wildflowers coming up

Dear @BBCNews

Why the fuck is twatfaced Farage being interviewed about Trump’s visit?

What the fuck has he got to do with it?

Dear @BBCNews

Why is Lord Callanan’s humiliating apology on the reversibility of #brexit not being reported? It’s not even mentioned on your website.

RT @BBCNews: Saturday’s Guardian
“Cost of Brexit: £930 a year on shopping bills”

(via @hendopolis)

RT @DixieRose100: Remainers outside the Tory Party Conference – will @BBCNews report this or pretend we don’t exist?

RT @dbarlon: Hello @BBCRealityCheck @BBCNews . Ireland remains part of the EU. Please apologise and update your maps #brexit

RT @Hal_Duncan: @BBCNews Actually giving the Green party some fucking airtime would *also* make for all the drama you want given the DUP’s stance on climate change,

RT @Hal_Duncan: Hey, @BBCNews. With May getting in bed with the homophobic DUP, how about giving Lord Faw Faw’s permanent seat on QT to an LGBT activist?

RT @BBCNews: Human rights laws “did not cause these awful attacks in Manchester and London” Lib Dem’s Nick Clegg says #GE2017

RT @medialens: There must be a @BBCNews memo that tells their journalists: always say ‘Battle for Mosul’, never ‘US airstrike massacres civilians’.

Hey @BBCNews – when did calling science “something mind-bogglingly advanced” become quality reporting?


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