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RT @BBCNews: Unprecedented drug shortage linked to Brexit, NHS bosses say

RT @SimonBruni: Dear @BBCNews

You love balance. So please could you balance your endless stream of ignorant europhobic zealots hell-bent on undermining the EU with some well-informed MEPs that have been working for the good of the EU such as @MollyMEP, @SebDance, @CharlesTannock, @TheresaMEP?

RT @tonyroe: Been out filming @Anna_Soubry for @bbcemt and @BBCNews meeting voters of Nottingham one to one. All opinions on #Brexit heard.

RT @BBCNews: #Brexit: No visa but Brits will pay €7 to travel to EU countries

RT @campbellclaret: Yet again @bbcnews reporting end of free movement as a one way thing. We stop ‘EU immigrants’ coming in. What about the fact that it stops ‘us’ going to live and work ‘there’?

RT @kevmcveigh: The lead story on @BBCNews on @BBC6Music is ‘Peter Haint is facing criticism for naming Philip Green as businessman accused of sexual assaults’
It should be ‘Philip Green is facing criticism for sexual assaults’

RT @caracal: So this is how you get the attention of @BBCNews

Remain = Over 700,000 march in London
Leave = @Nigel_Farage ON HIS OWN drops a dead fish in the Thames.

#BBCBias #BrexitBroadcastingCorporation


Dear @BBCNews

The “woman” who testified about Kavanagh has a name – Professor Ford

Please remember to use it like you always do with men.

Dear @BBCNews

It’s great you are mentioning the naming of a Brussels square after Joe Cox but she wasn’t just murdered.

She was assassinated by a rightwing anti-europe terrorist which is why she’s being on honoured by Brussels.

Dear @BBCNews

When mentioning the IMF report, don’t you think it’s worth mentioning that it says ALL forms of #Brexit will be bad for the economy?

RT @BBCNews: Every school, college and university in Scotland will provide free sanitary products under a new scheme

RT @MrHickmott: Dear @BBCNews,

Your weather presenter just said temperatures will fall over coming days. I am outraged that no contrary opinion was sought or even acknowledged to exist. Surely Patrick Minford or Nigel Farage could turn their hands to this, it’s all guesswork anyway.


RT @WeNeedEU: @jdthndr @Bi99le5 @OnMyNightCheese @BBCNews Okay, just to clarify for you:

A Remainer is someone who wants Brexit stopped, crushed, annihilated, razed, smashed into a million pieces, burned and buried.

And the really keen ones among us want everyone in charge of the illegal campaign of lies to stand trial.

RT @campbellclaret: it saves the @BBCNews on taxi bills to be able to go to the same address for all the right wing views to which they give disproportionate airtime

RT @campbellclaret: Polls you won’t hear about on @BBCNews or read about in Brextremist papers

RT @campbellclaret: Here is the non @bbcnews news @bbcr4today Hammond warns of Brexit catastrophe in Ireland. India warns of difficulties over UK trade deal. UK ambassador in France lambasted by Brit residents. Not a peep. If it’s bad for Brexit it ain’t on the Beeb #wildflowers coming up

Dear @BBCNews

Why the fuck is twatfaced Farage being interviewed about Trump’s visit?

What the fuck has he got to do with it?

Dear @BBCNews

Why is Lord Callanan’s humiliating apology on the reversibility of #brexit not being reported? It’s not even mentioned on your website.

RT @BBCNews: Saturday’s Guardian
“Cost of Brexit: £930 a year on shopping bills”

(via @hendopolis)

RT @DixieRose100: Remainers outside the Tory Party Conference – will @BBCNews report this or pretend we don’t exist?

RT @dbarlon: Hello @BBCRealityCheck @BBCNews . Ireland remains part of the EU. Please apologise and update your maps #brexit

RT @Hal_Duncan: @BBCNews Actually giving the Green party some fucking airtime would *also* make for all the drama you want given the DUP’s stance on climate change,

RT @Hal_Duncan: Hey, @BBCNews. With May getting in bed with the homophobic DUP, how about giving Lord Faw Faw’s permanent seat on QT to an LGBT activist?

RT @BBCNews: Human rights laws “did not cause these awful attacks in Manchester and London” Lib Dem’s Nick Clegg says #GE2017

RT @medialens: There must be a @BBCNews memo that tells their journalists: always say ‘Battle for Mosul’, never ‘US airstrike massacres civilians’.

Hey @BBCNews – when did calling science “something mind-bogglingly advanced” become quality reporting?

Looks like a helicopter firing on ground target – Videos appear to show shots fired in Ankara via @BBCNews #Turkey

Explosion and gunfire reported in Ankara via @BBCNews


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