3. The Left Lion, our regular campaign spot, and @ChrisLeslieMP


RT @ChrisLeslieMP: This #Brexit debacle has gone on long enough. Time for a #PeoplesVote.

Cross-party Amendment H tabled this evening to instruct the PM to request Article50 extension, so the public can give their consent for leaving or staying in European Union.

RT @RemainiacsCast: “The scale of Labour’s betrayal on Brexit is clear for all to see.” @ChrisLeslieMP not holding back at the #IndependentGroup launch.

So @Vernon_Coaker, please trust what you know.

Join @NottPeoplesVote and your colleagues @ChrisLeslieMP and @LilianGreenwood and campaign for a #PeoplesVote.

Arnold trusts you but if you let Jeremy hurt them, that trust will be gone forever.

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RT @RichardHBell: I don’t want to embarrass them but #Nottingham is so fortunate to have three super MPs @LilianGreenwood @ChrisLeslieMP and @Anna_Soubry

RT @euromovenotts: Good luck to @ChrisLeslieMP @Anna_Soubry and other local moderate MPs, including the venerable Ken Clarke, in reaching a sane way forward on BREXIT – which for anyone who really cares about the UK’s future must involve stopping it, one way or another. Then we can get back to work

Last photos from Saturday’s @NottPeoplesVote (3 of 3).

8. The 200th postcard of the day.

9. @ChrisLeslieMP and @Anna_Soubry

10. Cold, wet but enthusiastic volunteers with a #brexitometer

More @NottPeoplesVote campaigning (2 of 3).

5. Postcard number 150.

6. @Anna_Soubry discusses a #PeoplesVote

7. @ChrisLeslieMP chatting with a volunteer.

RT @ChrisLeslieMP: Wow. OBR rip to shreds the idea that leaving EU saves Britain money.

Their table on page 156 shows the divorce bill plus spending in lieu of EU funding is far higher than our current annual payments to the EU… #NoBrexitDividend

RT @NottPeoplesVote: On Friday, @ChrisLeslieMP joined our #Brexitometer in #Nottingham.

Chris is one of over a hundred MPs currently supporting a #peoplesvote

Many others are wavering.

There’s only one way to push them in the right direction.

Write to your MP.



RT @ChrisLeslieMP: But, you know, blue passports…!

RT @justin_m_willia: @AndyTheGaffer @BridgfordMark @ChrisLeslieMP I don’t remember locks or stocks being on the ballot but I remember Farage, Hannan, etc saying we would not leave SM

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