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@CuriousPancake It’s a great little city. Well worth a visit.

RT @CuriousPancake: Throughout this week, I’ll be taking part in the Just A Card Indie Week. Today’s prompt: The Just A Card people want to hear 10 facts about me, so here goes: #JustACard #curiouspancake #shopsmall

@CuriousPancake I knew you were weird but …

@CuriousPancake No but I was all grown up and didn’t cry once.

@CuriousPancake Yes I am. Got a dedicated sketch-book lined up for it and everything.

Saw this card and immediately thought of @CuriousPancake

RT @CuriousPancake: Sweary Pencil Sets make the perfect gift for work colleagues and, if our customers are to be believed, teachers! Save 15% on your 1st order when you sign up to our newsletter! Get your pencils here: #sweary #teachergoals #leavingdo #workplace #cockwomble

@JenRhyssa28 Check out @CuriousPancake shop. (Not Etsy but full of weird, childish, rude stuff).

In Birmingham, grabbing a pint before seeing Bill Bailey.

All thanks to @CuriousPancake (buy their stuff, it’s fucking ace).

RT @CuriousPancake: Star Wars-Inspired Insects by Illustrator Richard Wilkinson

RT @CuriousPancake: The Sun has got his hat on… hip hip hip hooray! (Hayfever is just around the corner, we can feel it!!) Find this card and hundreds more on our all new website here: #sun #sunshine #smallbusiness #stormyknight

RT @CuriousPancake: Happy Easter weekend folks! As usual Twisteddoodles has come up with another today, enjoy! 🐣

That’s #learningtodraw for the day. Now off to drink beer with @Darth_Tigger and @CuriousPancake

@CuriousPancake It started as pencil in my sketchbook. Then I photo it and processed it to fuck in an app.

RT @CuriousPancake: We’ll be at Fabulous Places this November 11th-12th pop on by to see us and a whole heap of super talented…

RT @CuriousPancake: Happy Friday! Check out this exclusive card in store today. Gotta love a good Dylan Moran quote 😀 Find it here:

RT @CuriousPancake: Know anyone who loves inventive swearing? Get them one of these Sweary Pencil Sets!

@CuriousPancake I use 2b, I like the softness, but these leads break very easily which makes sharpening to a point tricky. Not complaining. Free pencils!

@CuriousPancake Nope. Just about killed a Bollocks pencil I started on Sunday. There not bad for drawing but don’t hold a point very well.

More figures drawn with a “Bollocks” pencil from @CuriousPancake who have a range of sweary #pencils #learningtodraw

RT @CuriousPancake: HEYITSMAY is the coupon code to use for FREE UK postage for the next 24hours! Shop now:

@Kimberleytew Yes! And I’ll also tag @CuriousPancake because they are worth mentioning twice.

RT @CuriousPancake: Like cats? Like cushions? You’ll love these! Support the fantastic Corrina Rothwell Art & Illustration on the…

RT @CuriousPancake: Got any organised shoppers out there?
Limited time offer of FREE UK 2nd Class Postage on all Christmas Cards :-)…

RT @CuriousPancake: Our greetings card storage solution is: @IKEAUK TRONES + @FromPaperchase decorative tissue paper + @Henkel pritt stick = WIN! #ikeahackers


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