That’s #learningtodraw for the day. Now off to drink beer with @Darth_Tigger and @CuriousPancake

@CuriousPancake It started as pencil in my sketchbook. Then I photo it and processed it to fuck in an app.

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RT @CuriousPancake: Happy Friday! Check out this exclusive card in store today. Gotta love a good Dylan Moran quote 😀 Find it here:

RT @CuriousPancake: Know anyone who loves inventive swearing? Get them one of these Sweary Pencil Sets!

@CuriousPancake I use 2b, I like the softness, but these leads break very easily which makes sharpening to a point tricky. Not complaining. Free pencils!

@CuriousPancake Nope. Just about killed a Bollocks pencil I started on Sunday. There not bad for drawing but don’t hold a point very well.

More figures drawn with a “Bollocks” pencil from @CuriousPancake who have a range of sweary #pencils #learningtodraw

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@Kimberleytew Yes! And I’ll also tag @CuriousPancake because they are worth mentioning twice.

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That’s it for today. Time to do some work before going out with @CuriousPancake for boardgames tonight.

@CuriousPancake seen that advice in various videos but i’m not sure Starbucks would be happy with me sitting there, waving a knife around.

RT @CuriousPancake: For lovers of a good swear, check us out on this BuzzFeed list! #3 Fuck Yeah! 😉

I think @CuriousPancake and Sean may be interested in this.

RT @NottmCastle: Nottingham Castle Open 2016 Call for Submission, NOW OPEN

@CuriousPancake today’s sketches were from photos from the internet.

@CuriousPancake Wednesday evenings at the Malt Cross. 6 til 7.30 or 8 till 9.30.

RT @CuriousPancake: Some truly inspired stitchings here!
Happy Friday folks 🙂

RT @CuriousPancake: Ace new card in store today: by Jasmine Hortop for Urban Graphic

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