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“…the conker tree – horse chestnut – is more closely related to broccoli than it is to the sweet chestnut tree.”


RT @FlyingQuercus: “Would you know a tree if you saw one?”
(a 3 minute presentation at #napres19)
Sing-along twitter thread with bonus content (1/15)

@jon_a_5 @Darth_Tigger It’s a great game.

Look for a dog near the Red Rocket by Sanctuary Hills. You can take him as a companion.

@munchkinstein Just about to start watching that episode with @Darth_Tigger

Don’t go in for fanart but this is a thank you to @Darth_Tigger for my birthday present.

#Fallout4 #Dogmeat #Learningtodraw

People are watching Eurovision in my house (hi @Darth_Tigger & @CuriousPancake ) so I’ve retreated to Starbucks to draw and listen to @CCfunkandsoul‘s much better funkovision show.

A farting capybara and some ducklings in a bath.

For @Darth_Tigger

For @Darth_Tigger

RT @CanYouPetTheDog: With the aid of the Pet – Call – Feed Dogmeat mod, you can pet the dog in Fallout 4

RT @Darth_Tigger: Well at least it’s not just me ☹️

Brexit Anxiety: Don’t Worry, You’re Not The Only One Who Has It via @refinery29uk


RT @caitlinmoran: We should all aim to have the cheerful, sassy insouciance of a baby wombat sitting on a scarf.


RT @cjjolly89: Northern quoll found in urban Darwin!!! They were once common in town but went locally extinct after the arrival of toads. This young, very healthy female is a good sign they’re avoiding toads and may be starting to recover! Photo: @alanadelaive

Stopping #brexit takes an army of volunteers.

People like @Darth_Tigger who made the counter, @LoobyLou22222 who supplied cake and Jonathan who did maps of constituencies.

Start helping and ask a friend to use this link and #WriteThisWrong

RT @NottPeoplesVote: A fantastic day with our #brexitomter and #WriteThisWrong campaign in the #Nottingham

Over 270 postcards sent, and a real shift in mood.

Leavers and remainers alike are frustrated with the stink of corruption around #brexit.


RT @Darth_Tigger: Travelling down to the #PeoplesVoteMarch on one of several @NottPeoplesVote coaches from Nottingham, it occurs to me that this is a perfect metaphor for being in the EU.


RT @effies: Trash panda teaches doggo to swim, gets ride.
This is called symbiosis


RT @PhilNWang: Really problematic behaviour from Alex Horne here. This appalling outburst was unsurprisingly cut from broadcast, but the people must know what kind of man he really is

I’m up unusually early for a Sunday to see off @Darth_Tigger on the #Nottingham #RobinHoodHalf marathon.

But I have coffee, @maryannehobbs and I’m about to start drawing.

Time to say goodbye to this sketchbook which is about 50 years old and probably handmade by @Darth_Tigger‘s granddad.

@Darth_Tigger The Guilty Feminist sounds like your sort of thing.

RT @DeborahFW: I’m on @bbcradio6music today sometime after 4.30pm with @amylane to talk feminism, music & all things Sunday evening. Tune in for weekend lols and jolls. X

Oh fuck!

Sleeze Castle was fantastic, one of the many titles @PageFortyFive introduced me to and myself & @Darth_Tigger appeared in the background of one of the later issues.

RT @millidge: Terry Wiley was a pioneer in British self-publishing, a superb, original cartoonist, a delightful eccentric who was a regular presence at UK comics events. He’s passed away way much too soon, with too much art undrawn and too many stories untold. Rest in Peace, Terry.

Tonight’s YouTube/internet and bottle of wine-fueled talking bollocks with @Darth_Tigger has included admiring @victotoro artwork.

The solitary blackberry was particularly liked.


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