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RT @Darth_Tigger: At Speakers’ Corner in #Nottingham again. Getting to be a second home!
#SaveOurNHS #PeoplesVote #StopTheCoup

RT @Darth_Tigger: What was that? Don’t retweet with the hashtag #LeafAlliance?


RT @Derby4Europe: Apparently the Guardian crossword complier isn’t a leaver?

For @Darth_Tigger and all the other women I know who I would never describe as middle aged.

RT @alisonphipps: I am now the middle aged woman that young women sit next to on the train when they’re worried about creepy men, and I am delighted to provide this valuable public service 👊

@jtregenza @Darth_Tigger

RT @RogerKerry1: This is a lovely off-road 10k in North Notts if anyone fancies it. Right through DH Lawrence country 😊 #countryofmyheart #goosefairgallop #GFG #KADS #kimberleyanddistrictstriders

RT @Darth_Tigger: Baking ready for tomorrow. See you 4-6 at the Brian Clough statue
#Nottingham #BiscuitsNotBrexit #CakeNotCoup

RT @Darth_Tigger: On the move! Boris shuts down parliament, we march on Parliament Street
#Nottingham #StopTheCoup

Let’s make some noise.

@Notts4Europe @NottPeoplesVote @KavitaOHara @Ballstobrexit @Darth_Tigger @NathanTalking @drnataliemartin

RT @poosk_art: HEAR US ROAR!

Make some noise this Saturday at the #StopTheCoup rally, Market Square, #Nottingham. 11am-1pm. (Organised by @EuropeNotts)

Bring whistles, horns, drums, musical instruments or just your voice.

Let’s roar so loud they can hear it in Westminster.

@Jimfer @Darth_Tigger Thank you so much. It’s been a long road and I’ve still got a long way to go but I’m very pleased with my progress.


RT @jray05: Hey, you.
This is important.
Cheetahs don’t roar, they meow like housecats.

For @Darth_Tigger and others.

RT @thelvlyrachel: @WillWorth Beholde the Pink Fairy Armadillo and accepte its protective properties. All wille be welle.

My money is on @Darth_Tigger laughing at this.

RT @MooseAllain: Another Venn diagram


RT @BBCFrontRow: Knitting as protest – @rosieatlarge and @gerrywarner explain the unique power of the craft to make a political statement

@fechtbuch Good call.

Funeral for a friend / Love lies Bleeding – Elton John from @Darth_Tigger

Have to check the length but Tweeter and the Monkey Man – Traveling Wilburys – from me.

Well that’s the immediate answer but we are changing our minds as I type.



RT @andrewducker: What is the female stress response and why is it interesting?

For @Darth_Tigger who won’t find this amusing at all.

RT @RobGMacfarlane: Word of the day: “bumbarrel” – nickname of the long-tailed tit, given for its rounded nest, made of lichen, spiders’ web, moss & thousands of feathers. Listen out for their bubbling cries; they travel in bouncing flocks. Aka fuffit, mumruffin, Jack-in-a-bottle & Miller’s Thumb.


RT @ThatEricAlper: Sign language interpreter at Eminem’s concert

“…the conker tree – horse chestnut – is more closely related to broccoli than it is to the sweet chestnut tree.”


RT @FlyingQuercus: “Would you know a tree if you saw one?”
(a 3 minute presentation at #napres19)
Sing-along twitter thread with bonus content (1/15)

@jon_a_5 @Darth_Tigger It’s a great game.

Look for a dog near the Red Rocket by Sanctuary Hills. You can take him as a companion.


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