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@_Masterseye @Darth_Tigger Yeah I have a lot of problems with her personally and her party generally. But it’s a two party constituency so the choice is pro-brexit labour, remain-tory or a vote for someone who won’t win

Basically it’s a question of what type of bread I want on my shit sandwich.

@_Masterseye She’s my MP and oddly just had a conversation with @Darth_Tigger about the possibility of voting Tory for the first time in our last lives.


RT @peoplesvote_uk: The crisis around #Brexit is only going to get bigger so our response needs to match it. Join us on October 20 to march for a #PeoplesVote: #PeoplesVoteMarch

Following a conversation with @Darth_Tigger I’ve done a quick bit of googling to see how difficult it is to acquire Belgium nationality.

Turns out it’s pretty open even if you have no connections with the country.



RT @exerciseworks: NEW:
Muscle and bone strengthening and #balance activities for general health benefits in adults and older adults

Summary of a rapid evidence review for the UK Chief Medical Officers’ update of the physical activity guidelines

@substandardnerd I have a Moto G 3rd gen and @Darth_Tigger has Moto G 5 and we are both really happy with them.

*cough* @Darth_Tigger

RT @onlytheocean: Totally obsessing over this cat today!!! #SukiCat is beautiful!! Honestly, if Bengal cats weren’t so damn expensive, I think I would have one by now. I just can’t justify having a cat that is more expensive than my dog- and Riley was expensive too!!!

Crash at QMC underpass.

RT @MikeSassi: And now the ring road is going to be closed for most of the day. In both directions. #Nottingham

Quick doodle while waiting for @Darth_Tigger to cook dinner.


RT @chortle: Video: Watch the trailer for the American remake of Taskmaster

@ColinAndMitch Need to talk to @Darth_Tigger who works over weekends and time-off is expensive when you are self-employed. But yes, let’s make a date.

That’s #learningtodraw for the day. Now off to drink beer with @Darth_Tigger and @CuriousPancake

That’s #learningtodraw done. Time to meet @Darth_Tigger, go home and eat.

For @Darth_Tigger

RT @TomFoxTom: “I’ve been doing a stand-up act about the Goon Show,”
“Any heckles?”
“God yes. How could you forget him?”

Maybe @Darth_Tigger and I need to do a day trip.

RT @johnfreeman_dtb: This major Winnie-the-Pooh exhibition at London’s V&A looks terrific.

That’s #learningtodraw for today. A short but productive session. I’m now off to get sorted for @Darth_Tigger‘s birthday drinks.

Powerful stuff.

RT @WeeMissBea: Hey yawl, I’ve written a “cheery” piece in today’s @Guardian about coming to terms with my Father’s suicide…

Go wombats!

RT @michaelmeloni: October 22 is Wombat Day and it’s a day you celebrate wombats. So please celebrate at least one wombat today.

@lushattic @Darth_Tigger Jim ran. I don’t know the times but will be very surprised if Jess beat him.

Congratulations to @Darth_Tigger for completing another 1/2 marathon.
In other news – it’s hot! Proper t-shirt weather.

One for @Darth_Tigger — RT: @bakadesuyo: Can the music at the gym affect your workout?

Back from a Body Pump class run by @Darth_tigger. I can no longer lift my arms above my head.

I’m afraid this will give @darth_tigger ideas — Dr Who Burlesque in NY —

@darth_tigger (and other knitters) —


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