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RT @effies: Trash panda teaches doggo to swim, gets ride.
This is called symbiosis


RT @PhilNWang: Really problematic behaviour from Alex Horne here. This appalling outburst was unsurprisingly cut from broadcast, but the people must know what kind of man he really is

I’m up unusually early for a Sunday to see off @Darth_Tigger on the #Nottingham #RobinHoodHalf marathon.

But I have coffee, @maryannehobbs and I’m about to start drawing.

Time to say goodbye to this sketchbook which is about 50 years old and probably handmade by @Darth_Tigger‘s granddad.

@Darth_Tigger The Guilty Feminist sounds like your sort of thing.

RT @DeborahFW: I’m on @bbcradio6music today sometime after 4.30pm with @amylane to talk feminism, music & all things Sunday evening. Tune in for weekend lols and jolls. X

Oh fuck!

Sleeze Castle was fantastic, one of the many titles @PageFortyFive introduced me to and myself & @Darth_Tigger appeared in the background of one of the later issues.

RT @millidge: Terry Wiley was a pioneer in British self-publishing, a superb, original cartoonist, a delightful eccentric who was a regular presence at UK comics events. He’s passed away way much too soon, with too much art undrawn and too many stories untold. Rest in Peace, Terry.

Tonight’s YouTube/internet and bottle of wine-fueled talking bollocks with @Darth_Tigger has included admiring @victotoro artwork.

The solitary blackberry was particularly liked.

My new sketchbook is at least 20 years old and could be up to 50 years old.

It came from @Darth_Tigger‘s parents and probably originally from her artist grandfather.

I suspect it’s hand-bound and the paper is lovely. Much higher quality than my normal fare.


A few weeks ago, @Darth_Tigger & I had a conversation on how to spot the impending breakdown in democracy.

An increase in suspicious deaths was high on the list.

Today’s headline …


RT @BBCRadMac: Make sure to catch Stewart Lee on @BBCTwo this Satruday night! #ContentProvider – here he is chatting to @stuartmaconie on @BBC6Music:

@_Masterseye @Darth_Tigger Yeah I have a lot of problems with her personally and her party generally. But it’s a two party constituency so the choice is pro-brexit labour, remain-tory or a vote for someone who won’t win

Basically it’s a question of what type of bread I want on my shit sandwich.

@_Masterseye She’s my MP and oddly just had a conversation with @Darth_Tigger about the possibility of voting Tory for the first time in our last lives.


RT @peoplesvote_uk: The crisis around #Brexit is only going to get bigger so our response needs to match it. Join us on October 20 to march for a #PeoplesVote: #PeoplesVoteMarch

Following a conversation with @Darth_Tigger I’ve done a quick bit of googling to see how difficult it is to acquire Belgium nationality.

Turns out it’s pretty open even if you have no connections with the country.



RT @exerciseworks: NEW:
Muscle and bone strengthening and #balance activities for general health benefits in adults and older adults

Summary of a rapid evidence review for the UK Chief Medical Officers’ update of the physical activity guidelines

@substandardnerd I have a Moto G 3rd gen and @Darth_Tigger has Moto G 5 and we are both really happy with them.

*cough* @Darth_Tigger

RT @onlytheocean: Totally obsessing over this cat today!!! #SukiCat is beautiful!! Honestly, if Bengal cats weren’t so damn expensive, I think I would have one by now. I just can’t justify having a cat that is more expensive than my dog- and Riley was expensive too!!!

Crash at QMC underpass.

RT @MikeSassi: And now the ring road is going to be closed for most of the day. In both directions. #Nottingham

Quick doodle while waiting for @Darth_Tigger to cook dinner.


RT @chortle: Video: Watch the trailer for the American remake of Taskmaster

@ColinAndMitch Need to talk to @Darth_Tigger who works over weekends and time-off is expensive when you are self-employed. But yes, let’s make a date.

That’s #learningtodraw for the day. Now off to drink beer with @Darth_Tigger and @CuriousPancake

That’s #learningtodraw done. Time to meet @Darth_Tigger, go home and eat.

For @Darth_Tigger

RT @TomFoxTom: “I’ve been doing a stand-up act about the Goon Show,”
“Any heckles?”
“God yes. How could you forget him?”

Maybe @Darth_Tigger and I need to do a day trip.

RT @johnfreeman_dtb: This major Winnie-the-Pooh exhibition at London’s V&A looks terrific.


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