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RT @greywulf: Hey @VP @mike_pence I’m confused by these two photos. Which one are you in, I can’t tell the difference.

@greywulf Please make sure the bodies are dead this time.

@greywulf That’s a relief. I can just stay on the sofa then.

@Kat10671256 @greywulf How many times do I have to tell you? They’re under the patio.

@greywulf What is pizza pie?

Is it a pizza wrapped in short crust pastry?

I’m hungry now.

@symatt @greywulf Happy thoughts for the win (or at least a score draw).

@greywulf It depends how you do it. Around the equator, way more than half will drown. But at a carefully chosen sharp angle across the major land masses, you can probably get it down to below half. Though some people are going to get really cold.

RT @greywulf: Please take 15 minutes to watch this, then share. Spread the word. Thank you.

RT @greywulf: Title of @Bethesda’s next hard core post-apocalyptic survival game announced, to be set in the UK in 2021.

RT @greywulf: Anyone who still wants to leave the EU can board this boat that Chris Grayling has kindly provided.

@greywulf Exim or Exchange? (Both nightmares in their own special way).

RT @greywulf: Just when things start to look up another bill hits and things come crashing down again. If you need me I’ll be hiding under the bed. Send hugs and coffee. Love you all x

@greywulf It’s a damming indictment that people who have served the party loyally all their lives are being driven out because they disagree with party policy.

Labour should be a broad church, Corbyn wants an ideologically pure party.

@greywulf But if they can no longer play for their team in good faith, what choice do they have?

@greywulf But the will of the people!!!!!!!!

@greywulf It’s our first time through. Early days yet but working on building up settlements.

@greywulf Mine is coffee + drawing, work, Fallout 4.

@symatt @greywulf I’m living the cream.

*Don’t you mean …*


RT @greywulf: “My dog” growled the aged warrior as the whole tavern listened. “was bitten by a werewolf. Now, nights of the full moon…”

He tapped his pipe on the table, then ruffled the fur of the mutt below it.

“… he turns into a DIFFERENT DOG.”

@greywulf For years I thought enchiladas were a type of small yappy dog which led to some awkward conversations.


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