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Tonight’s life drawing output. Thanks to @LifeDrawNottm for an excellent year of classes and I’m already looking forward to next year. #learningtodraw

All of tonight’s @LifeDrawNottm output. Nothing amazing but useful applying some of the techniques i’ve been practicing on live models.

Tonight’s output from @LifeDrawNottm. Not bad a session, first in three weeks and didn’t feel too rusty.

Output from last night’s @LifeDrawNottm. Not a great session, struggling to get done in time but pleased with bits. #learningtodraw

From the @LifeDrawNottm session – focusing on form and despite a crappy afternoon’s drawing i’m pleased with tonight’s work.

Tonight’s life drawing @LifeDrawNottm with various experiments in style plus ink for #inktober.

Today’s #inktober / #learningtodraw page. Now going to chill for a few minutes and then off to @LifeDrawNottm to draw naked people.

Life drawing – 1, 5, 10 and 20 min poses including some inking for #inktober #learningtodraw @LifeDrawNottm

Good session @LifeDrawNottm. An interesting technique of having an X physically marked on the floor as a reference. #learningtodraw

The results of last night’s @LifeDrawNottm session. Not bad, definitely improving but still struggling getting with form. #learningtodraw

Last night’s work @LifeDrawNottm. Struggled, and everything ended up a bit lifeless but the shading on the last one was ok. #learningtodraw

All of my scribbling from last night’s @LifeDrawNottm . Nothing particularly good but good practice nonetheless. #learningtodraw

The results of last night’s @LifeDrawNottm. Nothing particularly good result wise but an excellent session for techniques. #learningtodraw

The close up is of probably the best bit of life drawing I’ve done. The rest are very quick poses. @LifeDrawNottm #learningtodraw

Last night’s life drawing at @LifeDrawNottm . Not a good evening’s work, didn’t seem to find my flow. #learningtodraw

@MorrighanCorbel @LifeDrawNottm Every wednesday night​ in the centre of town. It would be great to see you there.

@MorrighanCorbel @LifeDrawNottm Definitely. Having models in the flesh is so different from drawing from a photo on the phone.

Last night’s @LifeDrawNottm session. A bit hit & miss but very useful to carry on my form construction with a real model. #learningtofraw

The results of last night’s session at @LifeDrawNottm

Life night’s efforts from my @LifeDrawNottm class. #learningtodraw

Last night’s poses from @LifeDrawNottm . Nothing good but pleased with the last one because the foreshortening was a bitch. #learningtodraw

One, five, ten and twenty minute poses from last night’s @LifeDrawNottm. Really pleased with the last one. . #learningtodraw

One, two, ten and twenty minute poses from last night’s class with @LifeDrawNottm #learningtodraw

Last night’s life drawing with @LifeDrawNottm. Getting better at the spirit of the poses but proportions still a bit out. #learningtodraw

@Trinora @LifeDrawNottm Thanks. Recently I’ve seemed to level up with my drawing.

A good session at @LifeDrawNottm last night and some of my best ever work capturing the proportions and feel of the pose. #learningtodraw

One, five, ten and twenty minute poses from last night’s life drawing at @LifeDrawNottm #learningtodraw

Last night’s drawing with @LifeDrawNottm. One, five, ten and twenty minute poses


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