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RT @LifeDrawNottm: We’re #lifedrawing again on #Wednesday at the Lacehouse! You’re all welcome to come down and get your #art on! All materials are provided so all you have to do is drop in and draw with us! Hope to see you there! 😃✍️ 🍺

RT @LifeDrawNottm: We’re #lifedrawing again this #Wednesday at the Lacehouse! Everyone’s welcome to come down to #draw – all materials are provided so all you need to supply is yourself! Come and join us! ✍️😃

The good, the bad and the just plain wrong from tonight’s @LifeDrawNottm

RT @LifeDrawNottm: We’re #lifedrawing again this Wednesday at the Lacehouse! Come and draw with us in glorious air-conditioning ❄️ All materials are provided so you just have to drop in and draw! See you there! #art #figuredrawing #model #sketch #pencil #Nottingham

My output from last night’s @LifeDrawNottm. Very much a session focused on technique, redrawing the same poses repeatedly.

Didn’t get a chance to post @LifeDrawNottm output last night due to the footy so here it is.

Nothing great but a solid practice session.


Pleased with tonight’s @LifeDrawNottm session. Go practice and some experiments with more abstract styles.

Good session at @LifeDrawNottm after three weeks away. Not my best work but reasonably pleased with the results.

Tonight’s life drawing was let down by the venue but we’ll done @LifeDrawNottm for coping and big thanks to the people at Nottingham Arts for helping out.

Tonight’s live drawing with @LifeDrawNottm was a bit of struggle but not a total right-off.

Very mixed bag at @LifeDrawNottm tonight. Started off totally shit and unable to get into the right headspace but then produced one of the best life drawings I’ve ever done.

RT @LifeDrawNottm: And we’re BACK every WEDNESDAY at @thelacehouse! All are welcome, all materials are provided so you can just drop in and draw! Thanks to everyone for being so understanding over the past few weeks, its very much appreciated. Viva la Wednesday life drawing! ✊

RT @LifeDrawNottm: Its the start of our ALL NEW THURSDAY LIFE DRAWING sessions @thelacehouse! There has never been a better time to come along to flex your art muscles. All materials are provided so you just have to drop in and draw! (btw, this replaces our old Wednesday sessions) #art #nottingham

Tonight’s life drawing with @LifeDrawNottm in digital for the first time.

Unfortunately it’s my last time as the class moves to different night. Many thanks to Jon and all the models for being such a great class over the last couple of years.

Tonight’s @LifeDrawNottm work. Nothing particularly good but solid practice.

Output from tonight’s @LifeDrawNottm. Good session of practice though the final product was nothing special.

RT @LifeDrawNottm: Everyone is welcome to come along to the Wednesday #lifedrawing sessions at @thelacehouse – all materials are provided so just turn up at 6pm for the tutored session and 8pm for the untutored session! See you there! #art #Nottingham

Struggled to get going in tonight’s @LifeDrawNottm. For some reason I didn’t feel comfortable with poses and totaly failed to get the head right. Just couldn’t find the right shape. Still I did it so that’s a win. #learningtodraw

Tonight’s output from @LifeDrawNottm. A very crowded class and I had limited visibility but this ment I could focus on particular parts of the pose so a good session.


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