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RT @LifeDrawNottm: Come one, come all to Wednesdays #lifedrawing session at @thelacehouse All materials are provided so all you have to do is come along and join us in some top arting! Hope to see you there! #art #figuredrawing #drawing #model #whatson #Nottingham

All my work from last night’s @LifeDrawNottm. Not a brilliant session thanks to a dodgy brain but solid practice nonetheless.

RT @LifeDrawNottm: Come down to the @thelacehouse this Wednesday from 6pm and join us for some life drawing action! All materials are provided so you just need to drop in to get some art done! See you there! #lifedrawing #art #nottingham #whatson #figuredrawing #drawing

Last night’s work from @LifeDrawNottm. The first session in about a month and reasonably pleased with my work.

Tonight’s life drawing output. Thanks to @LifeDrawNottm for an excellent year of classes and I’m already looking forward to next year. #learningtodraw

All of tonight’s @LifeDrawNottm output. Nothing amazing but useful applying some of the techniques i’ve been practicing on live models.

Tonight’s output from @LifeDrawNottm. Not bad a session, first in three weeks and didn’t feel too rusty.

Output from last night’s @LifeDrawNottm. Not a great session, struggling to get done in time but pleased with bits. #learningtodraw

From the @LifeDrawNottm session – focusing on form and despite a crappy afternoon’s drawing i’m pleased with tonight’s work.

Tonight’s life drawing @LifeDrawNottm with various experiments in style plus ink for #inktober.

Today’s #inktober / #learningtodraw page. Now going to chill for a few minutes and then off to @LifeDrawNottm to draw naked people.

Life drawing – 1, 5, 10 and 20 min poses including some inking for #inktober #learningtodraw @LifeDrawNottm

Good session @LifeDrawNottm. An interesting technique of having an X physically marked on the floor as a reference. #learningtodraw

The results of last night’s @LifeDrawNottm session. Not bad, definitely improving but still struggling getting with form. #learningtodraw

Last night’s work @LifeDrawNottm. Struggled, and everything ended up a bit lifeless but the shading on the last one was ok. #learningtodraw

All of my scribbling from last night’s @LifeDrawNottm . Nothing particularly good but good practice nonetheless. #learningtodraw

The results of last night’s @LifeDrawNottm. Nothing particularly good result wise but an excellent session for techniques. #learningtodraw

The close up is of probably the best bit of life drawing I’ve done. The rest are very quick poses. @LifeDrawNottm #learningtodraw

Last night’s life drawing at @LifeDrawNottm . Not a good evening’s work, didn’t seem to find my flow. #learningtodraw

@MorrighanCorbel @LifeDrawNottm Every wednesday night​ in the centre of town. It would be great to see you there.

@MorrighanCorbel @LifeDrawNottm Definitely. Having models in the flesh is so different from drawing from a photo on the phone.

Last night’s @LifeDrawNottm session. A bit hit & miss but very useful to carry on my form construction with a real model. #learningtofraw

The results of last night’s session at @LifeDrawNottm

Life night’s efforts from my @LifeDrawNottm class. #learningtodraw

Last night’s poses from @LifeDrawNottm . Nothing good but pleased with the last one because the foreshortening was a bitch. #learningtodraw

One, five, ten and twenty minute poses from last night’s @LifeDrawNottm. Really pleased with the last one. . #learningtodraw


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