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@Lozzykinz It’s not your best photo …

@Lozzykinz Oh no!

To find the silver lining in this cloud of shit, at least you have a diagnosis.

@Lozzykinz You certainly won’t if you don’t apply. Now get that application in and start reading up on games testing so you can demonstrate in the interview how you are a quick learner and willing to go the extra mile.

@Lozzykinz Just looking them 😀. Seem like a good company.

@Lozzykinz I’m waiting for my new tablet.

@Lozzykinz Yay healthy lunch and not getting run over.

@SFromley @Lozzykinz And it’s been a hell of two days – Trump declared himself King, the pope got married and Nigel Farage talked sense.

@Lozzykinz I know telling you not to worry won’t help so have a gif instead.

@Lozzykinz Never Google for symptoms! You’ll always find out you have a fatal illness. But do talk to the doc about stress – it is literally a killer.

@Lozzykinz A friend had a stroke in their twenties and it is not something you can miss. However there are mini-strokes which are easily missed but symptoms of something more serious.

@Lozzykinz I was going to make a comment that your spelling seems to have taken a dive, which is also a sign of strokes …

@Lozzykinz Go to your GP right now! If in doubt ring NHS helpline (formally NHS direct).

@Lozzykinz Thanks. Particularly pleased with the ear on the back of the head (which is an odd sentence to write)

RT @Lozzykinz: Been updating my channel like a trooper today as well as my website. Would love it if you wouldall sub to me #gamer

@Lozzykinz I believe Mussolini copied his gestures from a film star.

RT @Lozzykinz: cant stress more its given me aggro tnite breaking on me but could you all plz sub to my love and passion #gamergirl

@Lozzykinz Being ginger, making the most of the sun is a five minute stint outside.

@Lozzykinz Skyrim – those dragons are just asking for it.


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