@lproven Twitter & FB are also propaganda vectors.

@BohemianCoast @lproven Spot on, except it is dickish even before you’ve been told to desist.

@BohemianCoast @lproven No I’m signalling I have different cultural norms. How you react to that is your problem not mine.

@lproven Language is cultural self-expression. When you tell someone is using the language wrong you are saying their culture is wrong.

@lproven Not as much as having an arsehole telling me the way I speak/dress/write is wrong according to their arbitrary rules.

@lproven So you didn’t understand what I wrote? It must suck to be as stupid as you.

@lproven It’s my language, I’ll use it how I like.

@lproven @BBCRadMac I’m surprised, it is such a classic. Probably the game Infocom created.

@lproven @BBCRadMac In a similar note, there was a flight simulator game hidden in Excel 97. And one of the Infocom games had a spreadsheet in it.

@lproven I had exactly the same thoughts.

@lproven the esteemed @kevmcveigh gets mentioned regularly.

@lproven it is going to be a fantasy project but suspension of disbelief will only go so far.

@lproven PDP-11 in 2013! Christ.

@lproven Agree with you on lists. The interface is poor but in general, clients can do things that web 2.0 sites cannot. Horse for courses.

@lproven RE: Gui design … The guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Browsers have very different needs to Word Processors.

@lproven Not bad article but had its own bias as anything like that does. Not convinced by the clean coal or nuclear power arguments.

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