RT @MorrighanCorbel: Can any artists recommend me a gold size good for loose leaf? <3

@MorrighanCorbel Don’t feel sad, have a suprise puppy.

RT @MorrighanCorbel: To celebrate reaching 1K, I’m doing a giveaway! All you have to do is retweet for a chance of winning some PRETTY THINGS! #artist #giveaway

RT @MorrighanCorbel: Hey! I’m getting money together to move into my new flat, so I’m opening £25 A5 headshots! DM me or email me! #commissions #illustration

@MorrighanCorbel Class A drugs and throbbing techno … er … at least that’s what a friend told me.

@MorrighanCorbel I’ve seen this recently. Presumably an attempt to increase engagement.

@MorrighanCorbel @LifeDrawNottm Every wednesday night​ in the centre of town. It would be great to see you there.

@MorrighanCorbel @LifeDrawNottm Definitely. Having models in the flesh is so different from drawing from a photo on the phone.

@MorrighanCorbel It doesn’t. We are all figments of your imagination.

@MorrighanCorbel Bonus points to you for not using a swear word.

@MorrighanCorbel There is a lot to said for not over thinking things. 😁

RT @MorrighanCorbel: Here’s your reminder that I’m selling at EM-Con this weekend! Come find me on the concourse for art and hugs!

@MorrighanCorbel Now hungry. I blame the sweets I’m about to eat on you.

@MorrighanCorbel thanks. Not worried about comparing myself to others. Just figuring out if speed is something i need to work on.

@MorrighanCorbel I’m off home. Enjoy your lunch and the second half of the stream.

My WiP ‘things’ for @MorrighanCorbel. Left is cleaned up, right I’m waiting for the ink to dry.

@MorrighanCorbel are you talking on the stream? Can’t hear much except some music and odd bits of background noise.

RT @MorrighanCorbel: I’ll be streaming at 12:30 GMT at! Working on page layouts today for Porphyria!

@MorrighanCorbel never tried twitch but I will try to join you (technology permitting).

@MorrighanCorbel on Twitter or somewhere else?

@MorrighanCorbel you’re right. I’m fighting against the desire to draw as normal when I really need a completely different approach.

@MorrighanCorbel party on! (says the man having a quiet night in playing Skyrim).

@MorrighanCorbel the secret is to have a style which makes your perspective mistakes look deliberate.

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