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RT @MorrighanCorbel: A new blog post went up late last night! If you’re not reading my new blog, you should! It’s good!

Tagging a few artist in case they know anyone or are interested themselves.

@MorrighanCorbel @blacksmoke1033

RT @tregenza: Artist Needed – Paying Gig.

I need 30 simple drawings of kitchen cabinets in a technical drawing style. Must be in Adobe Illustrator.

Rush job.

Drop me a line to

Please RT.

@MorrighanCorbel It’s the curse of adulthood.

@MorrighanCorbel That’s very small. Impressive.

@MorrighanCorbel Never trust a thin chef or a clean artist.

@MorrighanCorbel Ug. Sounds like you’ve had a rough day.

RT @MorrighanCorbel: GUUYS, go commission Jes, she’s an insanely talented babe with a brushpen <3

@MorrighanCorbel Don’t worry about retirement. Between the collapse of the NHS, antibiotic resistance and global warming, you’ll be dead.

RT @MorrighanCorbel: My lovely Nina has a new zine out! <3 Go and grab a copy, she’s incredible!

@MorrighanCorbel Horrible dream but qudos to your brain for giving you a Roald Dahl book to smash the window. Even in nightmares it has good taste.

RT @MorrighanCorbel: Reminder that you can see all my Inktobers at ! I’m so thankful for the support so far! <3

RT @MorrighanCorbel: Hyphephilia- arousal to fabrics.
#inktober #inktober2017 #kinktober #kinktober2017 #art #illustration #ink #smut #nsfw #hypephilia

@MorrighanCorbel Great advice. I shall remind you of it from time to time 😀

@MorrighanCorbel The role of serifs in typography?

@MorrighanCorbel I lost it several decades again.

@MorrighanCorbel Of course, you need “reference” photos.

RT @MorrighanCorbel: Can any artists recommend me a gold size good for loose leaf? <3

@MorrighanCorbel Don’t feel sad, have a suprise puppy.

RT @MorrighanCorbel: To celebrate reaching 1K, I’m doing a giveaway! All you have to do is retweet for a chance of winning some PRETTY THINGS! #artist #giveaway

RT @MorrighanCorbel: Hey! I’m getting money together to move into my new flat, so I’m opening £25 A5 headshots! DM me or email me! #commissions #illustration

@MorrighanCorbel Class A drugs and throbbing techno … er … at least that’s what a friend told me.

@MorrighanCorbel I’ve seen this recently. Presumably an attempt to increase engagement.

@MorrighanCorbel @LifeDrawNottm Every wednesday night​ in the centre of town. It would be great to see you there.

@MorrighanCorbel @LifeDrawNottm Definitely. Having models in the flesh is so different from drawing from a photo on the phone.

@MorrighanCorbel It doesn’t. We are all figments of your imagination.

@MorrighanCorbel Bonus points to you for not using a swear word.

@MorrighanCorbel There is a lot to said for not over thinking things. 😁

RT @MorrighanCorbel: Here’s your reminder that I’m selling at EM-Con this weekend! Come find me on the concourse for art and hugs!


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