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RT @NottPeoplesVote: @peoplesvote_uk @Ballstobrexit @Notts4Europe we’re campaigning in the sunshine in Nottingham. Lively conversations, some people changing their minds to Remain, it’s a good start.

RT @NigelBig: Speakers at the Nottingham @NottPeoplesVote #NHS rally in #Nottingham yesterday.

Including Joan Pons Laplana the @RoaringNurse and Chris @tregenza

RT @NigelBig: East Midlands MEP @Rory_Palmer speaking at the @NottPeoplesVote #NHS rally in #Nottingham yesterday.

RT @NottPeoplesVote: Anna Soubry speaking in support of the health sevice at the Nottinghan People’s Vote Save our NHS rally. Don’t let Brexit destroy it. @peoplesvote_uk

RT @NottPeoplesVote: Please join us by the Brian Clough statue off Nottingham Market Square between 12 and 2pm to show your support for the NHS. Don’t let Brexit destroy our health service. via @westbridgfdwire

Want to save the NHS?

Join the @NottPeoplesVote rally between 12-2pm today by the Brian Clough statue, #Nottingham to stop brexit and save the NHS.

RT @ByDonkeys: A vote for the Brexit Party is a vote against the NHS.

RT @Notts4Europe: Save our NHS


Join us at Nottingham speakers corner saturday 14th Sept midday

Fight for it, not against each other.

RT @NottPeoplesVote: Rally 14th Sept Nottm.
Save our NHS. Don’t let Brexit destroy it
#DeathByBrexit #MakeItStop

RT @NottPeoplesVote: As we look forward to our ‘Save our NHS’ rally by the Brian Clough statue in Nottingham on Saturday, Nurse of the Year Joan Laplana explains why Brexit could devastate our health service. @peoplesvote_uk @RoaringNurse @Anna_Soubry @LilianGreenwood

@StephenCarr5 @LilianGreenwood @EuropeNotts Yeah. There is a lot internal argument between those a narrow ideology and those wishing to build a broad church. I think you know which side I’m on.

Next Saturday’s event is organised by @NottPeoplesVote so will have a very different approach.

This is what democracy looks like.

@EuropeNotts @NottPeoplesVote @KavitaOHara

RT @poosk_art: Today has been a fantastic day.

We have responded to the coup in the perfect way. Peacefully and enthusiastically we have taken to the streets.

From London to Orkney via Bodmin and here in #Nottingham, people have risen to #StopTheCoup

This is what democracy looks like.

RT @NottPeoplesVote: Dominic Cummings, the Prince of Darkness who spewed out the lies of the Brexit referendum, is pulling Johnson’s strings. We won’t let him succeed with his right coup to suppress parliament. #cummingsout @peoplesvote_uk @Anna_Soubry @LilianGreenwood @ChrisLeslieMP

Let’s make some noise.

@Notts4Europe @NottPeoplesVote @KavitaOHara @Ballstobrexit @Darth_Tigger @NathanTalking @drnataliemartin

RT @poosk_art: HEAR US ROAR!

Make some noise this Saturday at the #StopTheCoup rally, Market Square, #Nottingham. 11am-1pm. (Organised by @EuropeNotts)

Bring whistles, horns, drums, musical instruments or just your voice.

Let’s roar so loud they can hear it in Westminster.

@SandraDunn1955 Save the NHS / stop brexit protest by @Notts4Europe @NottPeoplesVote Saturday 14th in Market Square, #Nottingham

Dropped by the @Notts4Europe stall yesterday to support their #StopBrexit campaign.

Well done to the team for their persistence despite some very erratic weather.

@Ballstobrexit @dom_whoknows @lorenzosalzano1 @NottPeoplesVote @KavitaOHara @drnataliemartin

RT @NottPeoplesVote: We talk to lots of different people on our @peoplesvote_uk stall in #Nottingham. Yesterday, Emma from Alfreton stopped by to tell us how she deeply regrets her Leave vote and would like a #PeoplesVote, now that more information about #Brexit is known. She’s a #RemainerNow.

RT @Notts4Europe: This Sat 27th July is Nottingham Pride.
@Notts4Europe @NottPeoplesVote and @lgbt4pv will be running our stall to support this cause.

Find us around Goose gate in Hockley from 1030 come celebrate our real country not the brexit defined one.


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