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RT @NottPeoplesVote: Six months ago we joined 700,000 people marched for a #PeoplesVote

On March 23rd we are doing it again.

Coaches details will be available in the next couple of days.

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So @Vernon_Coaker, please trust what you know.

Join @NottPeoplesVote and your colleagues @ChrisLeslieMP and @LilianGreenwood and campaign for a #PeoplesVote.

Arnold trusts you but if you let Jeremy hurt them, that trust will be gone forever.

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@_davelv My pleasure.

The day I took the photos for the thread the weather was very difficult. However on the Saturday, campaigning with @NottPeoplesVote I got to see the sundial cast a shadow!

RT @NottPeoplesVote: How long can Corbyn defy the will of his party without consequence?

@crystaltipps123 @GloriaDePiero My pleasure.

The @NottPeoplesVote covers all of #Nottingmshire and we are stepping up activities in your area.

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@lunaperla @GloriaDePiero @NewStatesman Not directly but she posted this ambiguous tweet in response to @NottPeoplesVote‘s campaigning this weekend.

RT @GloriaDePiero: The People’s Vote are campaigning in my constituency today and my inbox is filling up as a result.

Not totally wiped out by campaigning with @NottPeoplesVote so getting a bit more #learningtodraw in.

Unexpected sighting of a @NottPeoplesVote sticker near the university.

Join the @NottPeoplesVote and stop brexit. Then Greg will have a chance of winning.

RT @HarryMach1: @melaniekmelvin @tregenza @Greg4Broxtowe @jeremycorbyn If you are tired of Brexit campaign aggressively for it to be stopped. Otherwise we’re going to hear nothing else for the next 5 years at least.

RT @NottPeoplesVote: Last night was the coldest night for years.

Tomorrow, campaigners across the country will be out demanding a #PeoplesVote

Don’t let their work go to waste.

RT everything.

Be The Megaphone

We will not be ignored.

@StephenCarr5 @LilianGreenwood @NottPeoplesVote No idea. He has privately said he wants to remain but has always towed the Corbyn line in public.

After a cold few hours campaigning with @NottPeoplesVote I’m getting some #LearningToDraw practice in.

@MrsEmmaJK Thanks! More of my stuff crops up on @NottPeoplesVote

Squeezing in a quick #learningtodraw before heading to today’s @NottPeoplesVote stall.

RT @NottPeoplesVote: We will be out in force in #Nottingham this Saturday demanding an end to the #Brexit chaos.


First #LearningToDraw since Sunday due to other demands on my time. But as those demands were doing design work for @NottPeoplesVote it’s not a disaster.

The @NottPeoplesVote team will be out on the 12th.

RT @krinklykaren: So when are we taking to the streets again?
12 weeks left folks.
This time we need 2 million and we need to be VERY LOUD

RT @NottPeoplesVote: There’s still time to write to your MP about the #PeoplesVote, but now you can post a video too! Let them know what you think, they’d love to hear from you. #OnlyWayForward

RT @euromovenotts: @BollocksBus @tregenza @NottPeoplesVote Chris likes to see things in black and white…

RT @NottPeoplesVote: #Nottingham, join us Monday morning by the Royal Centre for a special guest appearance of @MadeleinaKay, #EUsupergirl and others.

From 9am handing out free brexit themed Christmas cards by @AlbaWhiteWolf

Special guests arrive 10.15ish.

RT @NottPeoplesVote: The next six months decides if we are a European country or an isolated island governed by people like this.

You can do nothing or you can get involved.

It’s your choice.


Quick #Learningtodraw before hitting the streets to campaign with @NottPeoplesVote

RT @NottPeoplesVote: Saturday is a big day in #Nottingham

Double stalls from 10.30am to 3pm with press and extra volunteers to flood Market Square.

At 3pm we have an informal brexit chat over coffee in 200 degrees.

Drop by, send a postcard to your MP, say hello, get involved.

Together we win.

Test photo ahead of tomorrow’s day of action with @NottPeoplesVote

RT @NottPeoplesVote: Big weekend in #Nottingham

Saturday –

10.30pm – 3pm :- stall by the left lion, Market Square.

3pm :- informal chat and postcard sorting in 200 Degrees coffee shop.

Monday –

10am – 10.30am :- Anti-brexit event outside the Royal Centre with special guests.



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