RT @Remain_Labour: This is way over the line @GloriaDePiero
It’s very sad that you are an advocate for #Brexit, but simply unacceptable to be actively campaigning *against* party policy while on the front bench.
Do the decent thing, resign and reflect.

RT @Remain_Labour: This is spot on from @paulmasonnews. “Lexit” is a fantasy and so are these claims that May’s deal can be amended to protect workers rights.
There is nothing left wing about #Brexit. i
It is (and always has been) a project that will hit hardest those who have least.

RT @Remain_Labour: **Campaign launch press release**

“Labour members in 300 CLPs to call on party leadership to back #PeoplesVote
For more, e-mail:

RT @Labour4EU: We’re delighted to be launching a major campaign on Monday with @Remain_Labour and activists from across our movement.

Our aim is to change our Party position to represent the views of the vast majority of Labour people, to stand against Brexit and stand up for a #PeoplesVote

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