@chadatom I’ve been using a lots of web sites, YouTubes and lots and lots of practice.

My favourite is @StanProkopenko‘s YouTube but it’s all about drawing humans.

@toosurreal Not specifically, I’m mostly just making this shit up as I go along.

However I watch a lot of @StanProkopenko anatomy tutorials which I highly recommend.

I treated myself to the @StanProkopenko skelly app which lets you poses a simple skeleton form.

It’s good but could really do with a lock feature as it is too easy to nudge the camera angle.

Note: shitty drawing is my fault, not the apps.

No life drawing class today so getting in some practice using a bunch of free reference poses from @StanProkopenko

RT @StanProkopenko: Zoo Sketching with Aaron Blaise – Drawing Lions, Tigers and Bonobos: via @YouTube

@BarbiturateCat God yes. It’s amazing how many people don’t understand that teaching is a skill which needs to be thought about and worked on.

P.s. a shout-out to @StanProkopenko who really gets how to teach in a memorable way.

@Hohojanna watch lots of videos and do lots of practice. Check out @StanProkopenko videos they are very good.

Quick bit of arm anatomy. Watched a vid by @StanProkopenko about it and had to draw something to make it stick.

Short poses. Trying to apply some of tips picked from watching @StanProkopenko vids about heads and 6 packs.

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