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@Juan_Forastero @thedicemechanic @RPGKitchen @symatt @kearin_danoor @Grami_WER The problem with 4e is that it didn’t feel like dnd. The mechanics were much better than 3e but a lot of what made DnD unique was lost.

@mrlich @symatt Thanks for the feedback and the style sheet. Much appreciated.

Another goblin digital experiment taking on board @symatt‘s suggestion of making them more ape like.

@symatt Good tip! That’s one for tomorrow.

@symatt Trying to be different for the sake of being different doesn’t help either the writer or the reader.

Be different when you need to be different and go big on it because that is what makes your game stand out.

@symatt I went with bank for 6d6 because it fits well with “spending” points to do things.

@symatt If you’re working on something new, something that is pushing you as a writer, then that’s good.

@symatt On my phone, I use one document for quick notes. Messing around with multiple docs is a pain on a phone.

@symatt Depends. There is no right way to write.

RT @symatt: #rpglifeuk 11am Sunday .
Join in the conversation.
We set a topic but don’t feel you have to stick to it. Game talk is good talk.

@paulbaalham @symatt No requirement for it be co-operative though most RPGs are based on the concept of a party working together. Something which places limitations on the type of stories / adventures the game can explore.

@symatt @pedr @Grami_WER @Dragongirl74 @TheDiceCup At the start of every demo game I run I discuss the tone and playstyle the group wants using film classifications, X rated, pg etc.

It helps set a baseline and gives players permission to speak up if things go awry.

@pedr @HyveMynd @symatt Narrative systems give the player a more freedom in their character and in defining the world.

Trad RPGs limit players to tightly defined range with the GM controling everything else.

Games fall on spectrum of narrative / trad and it’s heavily modified by the groups play style

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@symatt An app called Infinite Painter.

@symatt A Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 withS Pen. A very nice android tablet.

@symatt Different tools and approaches. The left is the one which took more time. The right one is deliberately sketchy, both for time and style reasons.

@symatt Adventure writing is a skill and like any other skill, the only sure fire way to learn it is to do it. Copying existing tropes is part of this.

Doing something new is very hard, especially as nature of RPGs drive adventures in certain ways.

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RT @symatt: You have 7 seconds to save the world.
You have 7 seconds to stop the train.
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@symatt Thanks. It’s a combination of ink-brush and digital manipulation.


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