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@impworks @satyrelite @symatt @Grami_WER “One Shot” Willy – Bang-sticks on a budget. No questions asked.

@symatt @satyrelite @Grami_WER Simplify the stats for big monsters.

Too many systems equate epic monsters with pages of powers, feats and spells. This slows the game down and put the emphasis on minutia not the epic.

@LawDogStrikes @symatt You forgot the option of “Question why you are playing a game where the outcome of one dice roll spoils the game for all the players”.

@symatt @greywulf I’m living the cream.

*Don’t you mean …*


@symatt If sonething exists, someone will:

1) spot / collect them

2) make porn about it

@symatt @jkahane1 You are right but it was an Ankylosaurus I was thinking of, or a least the plastic toy one I had as a kid.

@jkahane1 @symatt Ideas are like bowel movements ..

@symatt Yep, see the rest of the thread.


Hedgehog for @belledechocolat
Pelican for @symatt
Pangolin for @AntonyShepherd
Biscuit Weevil for @horridwars


Tigers & leopards for @symatt

Thank you for your ever present support and encouragement


@symatt Nah, the perspective is off and the penmanship is crap.

@symatt No, generally despise traps.

They force players to be cautious, checking everything, slowing the game.

Also, how do traps give rise to character or plot development?

@symatt @impworks Because it breaks the dominant fantasy style where dungeons are not made to order but semi-natural in nature.

Would work with games with lighter / spoof esthetics.

@symatt Because either I have to memorise hundreds of pages of rules or I slow the game down by constantly looking things up.

@symatt If you need a pile of books, I don’t want to play.

@HyveMynd @symatt I’m with @HyveMynd.

Played it once and found the mechanics unsatisfactory and the setting a shapeless mishmash.

It’s a modern day Gamma World.

But other people love it so form your own opinion.

RT @symatt: Day 1: Say hello if you’re doing the #rpgbookclub this month. The book of choice is @catalystgamelab Cosmic Patrol . Grab the PDF over on @DriveThruRPG

@symatt Complexity relates to how different mechanics interact with each other to create a rich game experience.

An ideal game has limited crunch so new players can quickly learn the game but has the complexity to provide lots of player options and strategies.

@symatt It’s important to split crunch from complexity in game mechanics.

Crunch is work, generally involving referencing rules, tables etc.

It’s bad in games because it slows down game play and acts as a barrier to people picking up the game.

But …

@pedr @whodo_voodoo @symatt Yep. Any solution is a good solution as long as the designer know why they are making the choices they make.

@whodo_voodoo @symatt If I’m a fighter type and I can no longer effectively fight, that reduces my agency and designers need to be very careful about doing that.

@symatt @MichaelCayne Take it one step back.

In your game, what is the purpose of character death?

A) Punishment for bad luck / bad playing?

B) Because it’s a simulation of a “reality”

C) Because it makes the game better.

Decide the purpose and then design the mechanics to maximize that goal.

@MichaelCayne @symatt PCs sticking to the end is partly a design issue and partly a cultural issue.

A design issue because in most games killing things is the only way to solve problems.

Cultural because players expect to win most fights.

@FsideGames @symatt Building in a chase / escape mechanism rather than simple movement rates is a great way to handle it.

But it needs to be baked into the system as a core ability which gets used often.

@kearin_danoor @symatt And what about zombies or other none sentient creatures? Or thinking creatures like bandits who are quite happy to chase and kill characters?

@symatt Most games don’t allow for it. – movement rates, free attacks etc. Plus the nature of most RPGs boil down to kill the monster or be killed.

If you want players to run away you need to build it at the heart of system and how encounters work.


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