@TheSqueee It’s a complex subject which touches on a variety of issues from anti-Semitism to self-expression but boils down to who decides what is appropriate behaviour?

Nothing good ever comes from arbitrary decisions labelling one person’s behaviour as good, and another’s as bad.

RT @TheSqueee: This this this, all of this (thread).

@TheSqueee Many happy returns. Thank you for coming here, you make our country better.

@TheSqueee They genuinely want someone killed.

They must be stopped.

@TheSqueee It’s the same problem we had in the Euro elections but worse thanks to the first passed the post system.

@TheSqueee Yeah. That sounds like what I have. Going to try reinstalling.

@Dev_IanT @TheSqueee I would switch but I love my TiVo.

@TheSqueee That’s on my mind as well. Last time I checked with Virgin (a few years ago) it worked out as being effectively free thanks to the package we were on but suspect that’s changed.

@TheSqueee Yep.

First rule of fascism – find someone to blame and then blame them for everything.

@TheSqueee Are you saying it will suck?

I’ll get my coat.

@TheSqueee Just started falling outside my window in Beeston.

RT @TheSqueee: If you have a map of the Berlin region, how temped are you to re-enact that Hitler Meme scene from Downfall? #very

@TheSqueee Luck sod. We have been try to squirrals in our garden for years.

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