@toosurreal Post spoilers of course!

@toosurreal Thank you. I was pleased with it.

@toosurreal I know what you mean.

Condensing the essence of things into its simplest form has always fascinated me. Whether it’s programming, science or art I like to find the core idea.

Unfortunately this also means working on the real / complex forms so I understand them.

Don’t blame me but here are “Cube Bears” for @TweetJard and gibbons in waistcoats for @toosurreal

My eyes / brain is a bit off today so these Ibex for @toosurreal are a bit meh.

@toosurreal One of the things which always held me back in drawing (and other things) is being embarrassed about how shit I was. Posting everything publicly is deliberate “fuck you” to that fear.

@toosurreal From reference. Whenever I try to draw from scratch I just end up with a mess. It’s a skill I plan to practice once my construction techniques have improved.

@toosurreal Don’t know. It’s from this unlabeled photo.

@toosurreal Not specifically, I’m mostly just making this shit up as I go along.

However I watch a lot of @StanProkopenko anatomy tutorials which I highly recommend.

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