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@Trinora I love the private language of couples.

@Trinora To be fair, it’s how I deal with problems as well.

@Trinora Yep. Just one of many shitty things which happen when people’s sexuality is seen as a problem.

@Trinora I sure there were a few people who could help him but …

* Pervasive anti-gay culture

* Any action may have drawn attention to Turing which was a national security issue.

* No one knew he would commit sucide.

@Trinora The point I’m making is there weren’t tons of people in charge who knew what he did!

There were probably less than 25 people who knew how important he was WW2 and most were co-workers with no power or were no longer in the Government.

@Trinora One of the issues with Turin’s persecution was that no one knew about his service. Not the courts, not the police, not even many in the secret services.

No one knew and no one could know the truth.

The real injustice is how gay men were treated in general.

So @Trinora thought my attempts at cute chibi looked creepy. Obviously the only scientific thing to do is try drawing creepy chibi and see if they look cute.


@Trinora I”m not sure that is a complement 😋

@Trinora Surprisingly good film with nice twists.

@Trinora It’s the only standard which matters.

@Trinora Chris, and you can pronoun me however you like.

@Trinora Thought about it but it can be depressing so just keep drawing heads.

@Trinora Oh shit it is! I knew it seemed familiar! If you’ve not seen, find it somewhere, it’s ultralow budget brilliance.

@Trinora Trust me, as one of those British people who has problems with this sort of thing, they do care. They just don’t have a way of expressing it

@Trinora They were probably just being British. We are not good at this sort of thing. It doesn’t mean they don’t care.

@Trinora @ClarendonWolf The first bit is easy but the second …. well that’s more complicated.

@Trinora Thanks. I do enjoy fashion drawing which odd given how little I care about how I dress.

@Trinora They’ll have your leg off if you’re not careful.

@Trinora Bah! The Mona Lisa never needed eyebrows. 😀

@Trinora “Baller” – is that good or bad?

@Trinora Number stations are cool.


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