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@Trinora It’s the only standard which matters.

@Trinora Chris, and you can pronoun me however you like.

@Trinora Thought about it but it can be depressing so just keep drawing heads.

@Trinora Oh shit it is! I knew it seemed familiar! If you’ve not seen, find it somewhere, it’s ultralow budget brilliance.

@Trinora Trust me, as one of those British people who has problems with this sort of thing, they do care. They just don’t have a way of expressing it

@Trinora They were probably just being British. We are not good at this sort of thing. It doesn’t mean they don’t care.

@Trinora @ClarendonWolf The first bit is easy but the second …. well that’s more complicated.

@Trinora Thanks. I do enjoy fashion drawing which odd given how little I care about how I dress.

@Trinora They’ll have your leg off if you’re not careful.

@Trinora Bah! The Mona Lisa never needed eyebrows. 😀

@Trinora “Baller” – is that good or bad?

@Trinora Number stations are cool.

@Trinora @LifeDrawNottm Thanks. Recently I’ve seemed to level up with my drawing.

@Trinora Seed pod out of practicality. Easy to explain the lack of physical evidence.

@Trinora Only one negative comment out of 60+ retweets.

@Trinora UK control. The Tories will let us go full hard brexit before giving up any sovereignty. Spain can’t do anything to stop that.

@Trinora Worse case is that Gibraltar is Spain makes it a hard border. Bad news for the rock but only back to what it was 15 years ago.

@Trinora It’s the Brexiteers setting up the EU to be the bad guys so when they end with a shitty deal they can blame someone else.

@Trinora looks like it. Thank heavens for living in a country with no guns.

@Trinora nothing new. Look at the long history of terrorism in the UK. The tactics and reasons have changed but it’s the same shit.

@Trinora i’ve no idea what it is other than a product of my deranged mind.

@Trinora thanks. 5 mins of photo editing does more to make the image than I could in 5 hours.


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