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I’ve found recent that doodling while in meetings really helps me to pay attention.

These are from chatting with @TweetJard

Look, and other strange sweets from Hong Kong.

Thank you @TweetJard

Weir, random doodles while chatting to @TweetJard

#Inktober #Bonus #Wheat

I had a spare page in my Inktober sketchbook, which was a birthday present from @TweetJard. So I asked him for a prompt.


That’s #inktober for this year. I managed 29 out of 31 days and learnt a lot doing it.

However I have one page left in my inktober sketchbook.

@TweetJard, you supplied the book (thank you) so please give me a prompt for the final page.

And on to #inktober which I will be doing properly by following the prompts and using a dedicated sketch-book.

A present from @TweetJard it features 10 post cards you can tear out plus about 25 pages of quality drawing paper.

Yeah, an odd combination but a lovely book.

Don’t blame me but here are “Cube Bears” for @TweetJard and gibbons in waistcoats for @toosurreal

I’d forgotten how self-aware Seven Psychopaths is.

@TweetJard have you seen it? It’s a definite reference point for The Gun Above.

RT @TweetJard: Giant Chickens is a game about what happens to a disparate group of nobodies when things get really weird early one morning. The game is set in the American mid-west during the 1990s.

@TweetJard Really good. A much more energetic live band than expected.

Retweet so I can read it later.

@TweetJard this may be interesting for you as well.

RT @womentalkdesign: Looking for a framework for designing a talk? Here’s one we use, from our founder @cwodtke 👉

Before I start drawing, a quick note to myself that only @TweetJard will understand.

Conflicts need prizes – something the victors get and the losers don’t.

The Dead Of Night – survival
Lost Springs, Wyoming – control of the town’s future
TBTM&TD – the money

#RPG #IAmWriting

.@TweetJard did an excellent job with these posts.

RT @6d6Fireball: *28 Heroines Later* A post about the writing process and goals of the project.

#28Heroines #6d6 #rpg

@TweetJard Added to my animals for drawing Pinterest board so it will crop up at some point.

@TweetJard As long as it’s a dog, yes.

@TweetJard – useful notes.

RT @Oeming: 22 Tips on Storytelling from Pixar- this is so good, I constantly revisit it

Incredible photo.

RT @VeraCausa9: The unrivaled majesty of the Acropolis, Athens -ca.1900 photograph by Frédéric Boissonnas

RT @TweetJard: Looking around for some professional development. Anyone know of any online Project Management courses, preferable without cost?

@TweetJard I new it was Oxford something…

Oxford West – is that you @TweetJard?

RT @BBCPeterH: The Green Party candidate is standing down in Oxford West constituency to allow Lib Dems more chance to beat Conservative @nicolablackwood

@TweetJard no specific theme but concentrating on shading and anatomy.


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