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@Chasmanthium @RemainiacsCast @lisanandy @anandMenon1 @johnharris1969 @faizashaheen @JohnDomokos @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn Yep. It’s Corbyn’s total failure to get in front of the story in over 2 years which is the real problem.

RT @SarahLudford: Let me get this stright
– if like @campbellclaret you have long history of loyally working for @UKLabour but admit to voting @LibDems to stop catastophe of #Brexit, you get kicked out
– but if like 8 MPs you back Tories instead of blocking no-deal, you stay a valued party rep

RT @spaceangel1964: I’m hearing murmurs that @UKLabour MPs are going to be whipped to abstain on May’s WAB v4.0 & some are considering voting for it.

Unless Labour vote AGAINST the deal, their legacy will forever be:


@Labour4EU @chunkymark @labourpress #StopBrexit

RT @jameschappers: BREAKING @UKLabour source concedes @CarolineLucas and @TheGreenParty have just taken back control of Brighton and Hove and blames @jeremycorbyn’s Brexit stance which “went down like a sack of shit” on the doorstep

RT @Paul1Singh: This message needs to listened to and digested by @UKLabour and any MPs pushing Corbyn’s CU plan,

The EU will not compromise the integrity of the Single Market & Customs Union

I confirm I will not vote for @UKLabour if its party policy is to end Freedom of movement.



RT @cirian75: I confirm I will not vote for @UKLabour if its party policy is to end Freedom of movement.



RT @campbellclaret: Did you laugh at @uklabour frontbenchers including party chairman defying the whip on @peoplesvote_uk ? Or at the party whipping for an option that till recently led to sackings?

RT @RuthNewportWest: 🌹 @UKLabour Shadow Foreign Secretary @EmilyThornberry joined the campaign yesterday speaking to voters in #Bettws and #Bassaleg.


RT @LilianGreenwood: I’ve no doubt @UKLabour could negotiate a better deal than May but there is no better deal than the one we already have as members of the EU.

RT @reallabourlass: Luciana Berger no longer welcome in @UKLabour but Derek Hatton is. Can’t find the words to convey the depths of my disgust. Shame, shame, shame.

RT @JoStevensLabour: As the prospects recede for achieving a #Brexit outcome that is anything short of calamitous, @UKLabour must reject Tory fearmongering and commit to backing a fresh vote on our relationship with Europe. ⁦@peoplesvote_uk⁩ ⁦@BestForBritain⁩

RT @spaceangel1964: Let’s get out of this mess and deal with the root cause. #RevokeArticle50 #GTTO@UKLabour⁩ ⁦@DavidLammy⁩ ⁦@jeremycorbyn⁩ ⁦@Remain_Labour⁩ ⁦@PeoplesMomentum⁩

RT @paulsceeny: I resigned from @UKLabour a year ago.

I’m still heartbroken about the state of my former party; I know it’s still full of many decent people, but the leadership’s failure to stand against the lawbreaking and lies that fuelled Brexit is unforgivable.

@Greg4Broxtowe @UKLabour @broxtowelabour It’s all very good using the #BrexitMess hashtag but what are Labour doing about it? The party leadership is neck deep in that mess.

RT @UKLabour: Amber Rudd has been given another cabinet job, just 7 months after she was forced to resign.

Here’s what else she wants you to forget…

@AndyGrays0n @Greg4Broxtowe @Anna_Soubry @broxtowelabour @UKLabour @NickKehoe01 @NottPeoplesVote Well Anna voted for the referendum and A50.

But so did Corbyn and last week he was saying Brexit can’t be stopped while Soubry was on a @NottPeoplesVote stall.

@Greg4Broxtowe @sainsbo1967 @broxtowelabour @UKLabour It’s a real shame such great candidates will be let down by the leadership whose causing a stream of life-long labour voters abandoning the party due to its brexit policy.

RT @cirian75: Barclays is moving to Ireland!

Will you bloody idiots take it bloody seriously now!

Oi @Conservatives and @UKLabour
“Britain’s second-largest bank is about to become Ireland’s largest bank”

Give us a #PeoplesVote now with the #OptionToRemain

@UKLabour @GloriaDePiero @jeremycorbyn Until you stop supporting BREXIT we are going to be divided.

RT @Labour4EU: The vast majority of potential and current Labour voters don’t want Brexit.

@UKLabour can only end austerity, inequality and poverty from Govt. That means opposing Brexit, taking the fight to the Tories and uniting around a vision of hope.


Hey @UKLabour

“the tide has changed drammatically fuelled partly by younger voters and also by Labour voters changing their mind.”

You can have Brexit or you can be in Government, your choice.

RT @remain_central: Shock poll shows the North East has abandoned its thumping support for Brexit.

The region has seen an 8-point swing to #Remain.

And a majority now back a #PeoplesVote.

A no-deal Brexit would cost each & every person in the NE £3,000 a year. #StopBrexit.

RT @AlunDaviesAM: It would be a disaster for @UKLabour if the biggest single issue facing us as a country wasn’t on the conference agenda.

And it would make a mockery of any claims that we are becoming a more democratic institution.


@Greg4Broxtowe @JeremyCorbyn4PM @UKLabour @unitetheunion Please tell me how much Brexit will cost the East Midlands manufacturing sector.

RT @UKLabour: Steve Bannon and these top Tories have been building a new ‘special relationship’.
Here’s why you should be worried…

RT @stephenfarrow: A reminder, @UKLabour: I’ve voted for you all my life, and your failure to provide meaningful opposition to Brexit has cost you my vote. Oppose Brexit now and you can earn it back; participate in any way in curtailing freedom of movement, and you will lose my vote permanently.

14 consectutive polls showing most people want to remain.

May is outperforming Corbyn.

Maybe @UKLabour should rethink their policy.

RT @Andrew_Adonis:

@broxtowelabour @UKLabour @EmmaLewellBuck @Greg4Broxtowe And how are you going to fund education when tax revenues fall after Brexit?

RT @YouBrokeItMate: When are @uklabour members going to f***ing wake up? These are YOUR jobs, your futures that’s going to take the hit, not some addled Tory pensioner who’s not going to vote for you anyway. #StopBrexit

RT @JXB101: Any @UKLabour MP who believes this BS should ask the LibDems how trusting the Tories worked out for them.


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