RT @women4PV: Prices of food and fuel are already increasing and we haven’t even left the EU yet.

Join the movement for a #PeoplesVote

RT @women4PV: “I’ve spent the past few weeks in the cross-party [#Brexit] negotiations. There’s around 18 of us and I’m one of only three women, which is unprogressive but not surprising.”👇

RT @women4PV: High profile Human Rights lawyers including @AdamWagner1 @SholaMos1 @HelenaKennedyQC and more write in the @FT that Brexit threatens our inalienable human rights, including rights for women. They call for a #PeoplesVote 📣

RT @women4PV: A #PeoplesVote is the (not so guilty) feminist thing to do!

Listen to the full @GuiltFemPod episode here:

RT @women4PV: While the government attempts to woo the DUP into voting for their dodgy #Brexit deal, it seems a timely day to reshare this:

“Theresa May is throwing Northern Irish women under the bus to protect her own weak majority”

Read more:

RT @women4PV: This sexist #Brexit puts women’s rights, jobs and services. We have been underrepresented in the debate.

There is an alternative.

Join us, 23rd March, to have our voices heard once and for all. Whatever MPs decide, we deserve a #PeoplesVote

RT @women4PV: Today is #InternationalWomensDay

📅It’s also 3 weeks till we are scheduled to leave the EU.

🧐What’s the link?

📢Women’s voices have been underrepresented in the #Brexit debate new study finds.

🗳️The only way to have our voices heard is a #PeoplesVote #PutItToThePeople

@women4PV Is it ok for men to join? (No problem if it isn’t).

RT @women4PV: We’re looking to speak to any supporters from Lancashire about women and #Brexit, please get in touch! DMs are open or email ✉️

RT @women4PV: 📢ANNOUNCEMENT📢 It’s time to march again! Whatever MPs decide about #Brexit they must #PutItToThePeople. Join us, March 23rd in London to demand a #PeoplesVote for women, for everyone. #StillMarching

RT @women4PV: We asked women in Parliament Square why they were calling for a #PeoplesVote

‘Brexit means a higher level of racism and immigrant bigotry – we already see that happening.’


RT @women4PV: 85% of women MPs voted against May’s deal. Parliament have spoken loud and clear, May’s #Brexit does not deliver for women and does not deliver for Britain.
A #PeoplesVote really is the #OnlyWayForward

RT @women4PV: “It might be time for us to shut up and hear what women have to say” wise advice from @mrchrisaddison #PeoplesVote #MyVoiceMyReason

RT @women4PV: ‘Brexit is a disaster for everyone, but the Department for Health itself admits that it will hit women particularly hard’ @CCriadoPerez on why she is campaigning for a #PeoplesVote in the interests of women across the UK @CNNI

RT @women4PV: ‘The public were offered pipe dreams, not realities. The industrialist, the financier, the fisherman and the farmer will come to realise that, as will the health worker, the scientist, the businessman or woman, and the family member guarding the household purse.’ #PeoplesVote

RT @women4PV: ‘We have maybe just eight weeks to change the course of history, to save our future — and we intend to use them.’ Kira Lewis on why she and thousands of other young people marched for a #PeoplesVote on Saturday:

RT @women4PV: Yesterday the Government issued a series of notices advising preparations in the case of a no-deal Brexit. The potential ramifications for air travel are worrying, with no guarantee at all that existing UK-EU routes would be allowed to continue:

RT @women4PV: Shocking to read that UKIP, the lead cheerleaders of #Brexit, announce that they would scrap the Equalities Act, which makes it illegal to discriminate against people on the grounds of religion, sex, race, gender, disability, sexual orientation or age

RT @women4PV: Thank you for supporting Women for a People’s Vote!

Momentum is building for a People’s Vote and we are here to make sure women are heard in the biggest decision for generations.

Please share the campaign with your friends and family, and get involved!

RT @women4PV: Passengers are facing increasingly long waits at Heathrow airport passport control. This is down to budget cuts and the fall in value of the pound – a result of #Brexit.

This is not the “global Britain” the government promised… we need a #PeoplesVote!

RT @women4PV: Poverty in the UK has risen from 22.1 to 23.3 per cent this year — the largest single year increase since Margaret Thatcher was in power.

#Brexit and austerity are creating a serious financial squeeze on the UK’s poorest families.

Read the report here:

RT @women4PV: In 2011, Theresa May rebuked a backbench Tory MP for calling feminists “obnoxious bigots.” The MP in question was Dominic Raab, now our Brexit secretary. We need a #PeoplesVote to ensure women’s voices are heard and women’s rights are not threatened!

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