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RT @Doozy_45: BREXIT: Tyre boss scraps plan for new £200m factory in Carlisle – and blames Brexit /#EU #Brexit #FinalSay

RT @GoodwinMJ: New. British public approval of how the government is handling #Brexit

New low.

RT @women4PV: “I’ve spent the past few weeks in the cross-party [#Brexit] negotiations. There’s around 18 of us and I’m one of only three women, which is unprogressive but not surprising.”👇

RT @DPGwyther: Got an hour or so to spare and want to help campaign in your local community for a #PeoplesVote on #Brexit?

Find an event near you and get involved. All of our events are run by friendly, local volunteers and we are always looking for new people to join.

RT @OpinionYP: Mary Creagh exclusive: Why it is a myth to label the #North as Brexitland as pressure grows for #PeoplesVote on #Brexit @MaryCreaghMP @JayMitchinson @RobParsonsYP @IanDayPix @wizbates #Wakefield #Yorkshire @campbellclaret @peoplesvote_uk #Labour

RT @sendboyle: What a strange Alternative Universe the DUP lives in. #Brexit

RT @HeathfieldPNS: Even the egg decorating competition isn’t safe from #breggsit #Brexit

RT @greywulf: Anyone who still wants to leave the EU can board this boat that Chris Grayling has kindly provided.

RT @DPGwyther: A #PeoplesVote is not an option in the #Brexit crisis, it is the solution to the crisis.

Join the campaign in your local area and help to persuade your local MP. This is where real change happens.

Please RE-TWEET and help this movement grow.

RT @DPGwyther: Thousands of people will be marching to Parliament next Saturday to demand a #PeoplesVote on #Brexit

Why will you be marching? Make a short video and let us know. Share it using #PutItToThePeople

RT @women4PV: While the government attempts to woo the DUP into voting for their dodgy #Brexit deal, it seems a timely day to reshare this:

“Theresa May is throwing Northern Irish women under the bus to protect her own weak majority”

Read more:

RT @ChrisLeslieMP: This #Brexit debacle has gone on long enough. Time for a #PeoplesVote.

Cross-party Amendment H tabled this evening to instruct the PM to request Article50 extension, so the public can give their consent for leaving or staying in European Union.

RT @Cartoon4sale: Steven Camley on Theresa May’s defeated deal #BrexitVote #TheresaMay #Strasbourg #BrexitDeal #BrexitShambles #Brexit #Tories #BrexitShamble #BrexitShambles #Brexitdeal #backstop #brexitshambles #FinalSay #PeoplesVote political cartoon gallery in London

RT @KayBurley: Break: Senior DUP MP: ‘It doesn’t look good’


RT @itschrissmith: I’ve made a handy #brexit flowchart for all political journalists to use over the next 3 weeks.

RT @InFactsOrg: Here’s a handy graphic for you if you’re struggling to explain why May’s #Brexit deal is so bad.

Please share 👇

RT @women4PV: This sexist #Brexit puts women’s rights, jobs and services. We have been underrepresented in the debate.

There is an alternative.

Join us, 23rd March, to have our voices heard once and for all. Whatever MPs decide, we deserve a #PeoplesVote

RT @Remain_Labour: This is way over the line @GloriaDePiero
It’s very sad that you are an advocate for #Brexit, but simply unacceptable to be actively campaigning *against* party policy while on the front bench.
Do the decent thing, resign and reflect.

RT @MCY1X: MPs get three votes on #Brexit in three months?
But we’re not allowed a second one after three years!

RT @CyberHibby: You backed a #Brexit which makes it more expensive for manufacturers to make cars here. Now you want us to sign an impotent petition to save an industry you’re helping consign to oblivion?

Seriously, Len. GTF forever!

RT @DPGwyther: With only 4 weeks until #Brexit day we are on the verge of crashing out with no deal, and the Prime Minister’s deal is just not good enough for our country.

Write to your MP and let them know that the only way forward is a #PeoplesVote

RT @wooferendum: Join us for “the biggest dog’s dinner in history”.

To stop #Brexit, hundreds of dogs will be holding the biggest dogs dinner ever around a table outside Parliament on 3rd March.

Time to bark out #StopBrexit #BrexitVote #BrexitDogsDinner #wooferendum #BiggestDogsDinnerEver

RT @tonyroe: Been out filming @Anna_Soubry for @bbcemt and @BBCNews meeting voters of Nottingham one to one. All opinions on #Brexit heard.

RT @Rowland72James: Jeremy Corbyn decides to hold a rally In @anna_Soubry constituency in deliberate snub to remainers #Brexit #TIG

RT @peoplesvote_uk: MUST READ: #Brexit further risks the health of black women in Britain:

The #OnlyWayForward is a #PeoplesVote

RT @euromove: We marched before.

We march again.

With high noon upon us, it’s time to demand any #Brexit deal is put to the people in a #PeoplesVote.

SIGN UP NOW to the #PutItToThePeople March.

RT @women4PV: We’re looking to speak to any supporters from Lancashire about women and #Brexit, please get in touch! DMs are open or email ✉️

RT @women4PV: 📢ANNOUNCEMENT📢 It’s time to march again! Whatever MPs decide about #Brexit they must #PutItToThePeople. Join us, March 23rd in London to demand a #PeoplesVote for women, for everyone. #StillMarching

This is #Brexit.

RT @JamesMelville: The absolute state of this. Brexit has opened up a Pandora’s Box of hatred and division.


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