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A long session of #learningtodraw because I couldn’t face doing anything more productive. Lots of digital and analog stuff.

Animal sketches to finish off. Digital #learningtodraw

One of these wasn’t from a refence photo. Can you tell which?
#digital #learningtodraw

I have a casual relationship with proportion and anatomy.

New sketchbook. Just amazed I can draw anything today after a really shitty night.

Four quick ones to finish the session and a sketchbook.

Not a great day of #learningtodraw with my eyes and brain feeling a bit off kilter but useful practice and experimentation nevertheless.

More experiments with brushes and colours.
Digital #learningtodraw

Experimenting with colours and brushes. Digital #learningtodraw.

After a good start I’m having problems staying focused.

Warm ups not appalling shock!

Second figure and background. Digital #learningtodraw

Basic form and inking. #learningtodraw Digital.

Calling it done for the days before my eyes give out. Lots of basic outline and form in both analog and digital. Overall a productive session. #learningtodraw

A couple more line & form practice poses. Digital #learningtodraw

Working on form and inking in digital #learningtodraw

Apart from the accident anal fisting, I’m pleased with this simple form practice.


(God knows what bots will follow me after this tweet)

Trying unsuccessfully to develop my style of simple forms.

Time to head home after a solid practice session. #learningtodraw

Playing with colour versus tone. Digital #learningtodraw

Working on construction and ways of depicting form. #learningtodraw

Filling the awkward sized gap at the bottom of a page. #learningtodraw


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