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A frustrating #learningtodraw with a combination of doing hard stuff and tech problems but all part of the learning process. Now it’s home time.

After a frustrating hour with my drawing app repeatedly crashing when I use the perspective tools, I decided to wrap up #learningtodraw with some quick digital sketches.

Digital #learningtodraw – practicing shading basic shapes.

There are two things which annoy me about studying anatomy…

1. It’s fucking hard

2. It really does make you a better artist so there is no excuse for not doing it.


Working on anatomy (in case I need to carve someone up, Hannibal Lecture style).

All that’s fit to print and quite a lot which isn’t from today’s #learningtodraw, both analog and digital. A long session but I feel I’m getting my head round the digital tools.

Finishing off digital #learningtodraw with some quick sketches just to build my experience with the basic pencil tools.


Added some flat colours. Struggling with how the app handles selecting areas and applying fill. Not sure if it is buggy or user error.


Working on digital #learningtodraw line art. Getting used to the pen tool is a challenge, it’s got a particular way of working and a few oddities I need to get used to.


People with clothes on for a change. Now time for a quick break and then a switch to digital #learningtodraw

Today’s #learningtodraw. Some analog, some digital, some ok, some naff.

These hideous, distorted messes are my digital #learningtodraw as I completely fail to master ink and fill techniques. Now I’m going home to watch some tutorials because I just not getting my head around the process.

Working in artistic expression.

Trying for a more expressive style.

Today’s #learningtodraw falls into the “at least I did it category”. Now time to walk home through the blizzard / bright sunshine / blizzard / beautiful spring afternoon.

On an unrelated note, I now have a keyboard for my tablet but autocorrect has stopped working.

Still working out how best to achieve inking and shading in digital #learningtodraw

Three more. Now time to switch to digital #learningtodraw

These are better because I said fuck it and stopped trying to careful and correct. I think there is an important message there ….

Struggling to get into the flow this morning.

Practicing digital art and one thing I need to learn to about scale / resolution. This was quite small and looked ok when I drew it but now It’s huge and rough as fuck.

#learningtodraw done for the day. A mix of analog and digital learning.

Final ink layer added, plus some clean up and tweaking with how the layers merge.
I am having trouble getting to grips with the inking. Too many variables about how the brushes behaves. Lots of practice and some research needed.


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