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Something a bit different for #learningtodraw – creating a range of characters based on types of nuts.

Now inked – as normal the pencils version was better. My penmanship is still wobbly.


I’ve been working on my inking recently and pleased with my progress but inevitably my penciling has also been improving. That I’m getting really happy with.

LHS – inks
RHs – pencils

Experimenting with digital painting.

Squeezing in a quick #learningtodraw before heading to today’s @NottPeoplesVote stall.

The reasons #learningtodraw has been erratic this week …

RT @NottPeoplesVote: New year, new leaflets and postcards.

First up is our Brexit Road Sign postcard looking to next week’s vote.


A bit wonky but not bad after a very erratic week of #learningtodraw

First #LearningToDraw since Sunday due to other demands on my time. But as those demands were doing design work for @NottPeoplesVote it’s not a disaster.

I’ve got a small contract to do some product design work so just doodling some logo ideas.

Not drawn any faces for over a month so quite pleased with these.

Practicing form with some trees and playing with shading techniques.

#learningtodraw warm up. Saiga Antelope, road, hyena, llama


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