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Giving up #learningtodraw for the day as my brain is going into meltdown due to lack of sleep.

Women in hats in declining order of quality (the drawing, not the hats or women). #learningtodraw

It’s odd switching back to a portrait sketchbook after using a landscape one for month. Anyway, here’s three faces. #learningtodraw

Tonight’s life drawing was let down by the venue but we’ll done @LifeDrawNottm for coping and big thanks to the people at Nottingham Arts for helping out.

And after a really good face, I manage three appalling quick poses. Now off to life drawing.

Every now and again, I think I might be getting the hang of this #learningtodraw thing.

An unexpected all digital #learningtodraw session. It’s remarkable how different I feel doing digital even when I’m when trying to exactly what I do analog.

Question – should I spend the next hour adding colour to these sketches (which I’m quite pleased with) or draw something else?
#digital #learningtodraw

You know how yesterday I finished a sketchbook? And you know how a smart, organised person would have put a new one in their drawing bag?

Welcome an all digital #learningtodraw

That’s #learningtodraw for the day. Now home and a back to the excitement of web design.

Last skull. It is a dwarf crocodile but when I get round to drawing dragons, this will be my inspiration.

A quick skull in pencil (baboon I think) (the skull, not the pencil). #learningtodraw

Not cleaned up yet but I’m pleased with this one. #learningtodraw

An all pen & paper #learningtodraw with a high percentage of goblin related subject matter. Pleased with the results but more practice needed.

I’m doing studies of goblin anatomy. It’s a strange world.

I’m getting better at drawing goblins without any reference but there is a lot to get right and I’m not managing it yet.

I’m pleased with the head but not the hand. Fnarr Fnarr.

#learningtodraw done for the day. Now it’s home time, work, and later, the pub.

More experiments with drawing goblins without reference.

Quick goblin sketches. Done without references to practice my visualisation skills.

“But officer, he was such quiet young man who liked drawing skills”.

Today has mostly been about penguins.

Penguins in colour and I’m pretty happy with the results.


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