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It’s a very meh sort of day. #learningtodraw

Meh warm-ups. #learningtodraw
Not enjoying this sketch pad. Used the brand before but don’t remember it being so rough and dusty.

Meh. Can’t seem to get proportions right today. #learningtodraw

Fluctuating wildly between ok and utter crap. #learningtodraw

All of today’s work. Now home time. #learningtodraw

A few sketches to finish off but tiredness has kicked in and the last one went pear shaped. #learningtodraw

Cleaned up as best I can but this paper is noticeably worse than my last pad. #learningtodraw

Today’s out-of-my-head drawing exercise. No references at all, a struggle with characters I’ve not drawn in weeks. #learningtodraw

Couple more drawings with stray leg from previous sketch. #learningtodraw

Back in the lovely, air-conditioned Starbucks at the jubilee campus. #learningtodraw

Three plus hours of drawing and it’s time to head home in the blazing sunshine. Later, Shakespeare in a pub. Not a bad day. #learningtodraw

Cleaned up! Not brilliant but stretching me creatively. #learningtodraw

Inked but not yet cleaned up. #learningtodraw

Trying to challenge myself by doing a comic straight from my head. Pencils are very rough, now inking. #learningtodraw

Pleased with this one, even if the eyes are a bit big. #learningtodraw

A couple of really crappy warm-ups. Struggling with my eyes this morning, seem very tired. #learningtodraw

All today’s output. Now off to somewhere with less vicious air conditioning. #learningtodraw

Couple of quick, pen only doodles to fill the page. #learningtodraw

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