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A very rushed and incomplete digital #learningtodraw

Anatomy practice, redrawing the same pose several times.

Long session of #learningtodraw with analog and digital work.

Final version with background.

Smudged version not a total disaster (actually I’m quite pleased with it) but I definitely need more practice with the smudge version.

Colour me pleased. I’m now going to apply the smudge tool. It will probably ruin things but that’s how I learn.

Pleased with the pencil work. Now let’s see how badly I screw it up adding colour. Digital #learningtodraw

Legs & arses anatomy practice.

That’s analog and digital #learningtodraw for the day. Now it’s time for life drawing.

Struggling to focus and get into the flow of things.

No headaches, brain funk or sleeplessness and i’m reasonably pleased with my drawing. It’s almost as if there is a connection.

Anyway, that’s #learningtodraw for the day.

Some days my warm-ups get out of hand.

Can you tell I only got three hours sleep last night?

A good start to #learningtodraw but definitely flagging towards the end.

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