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Couple of quick digital sketches from reference.

Playing with pose and body form. Turns out it is much easier to do a three-head form (bottom) than the nine-head form used in fashion drawing (far right).

That’s it for #learningtodraw for the day.

In theory I’m now going to do some gardening but as it’s pissing it down I might just sit on the sofa.

Today’s #learningtodraw. Now time for life drawing.

Another attempt at fantasy art (no, I’ve no idea what this is either).

This is better than yesterday’s attempt at fantasy art. Started with a reference pose and then adlibbed. Hands completely fucked up but I’m pleased with some aspects of it.

I’m trying to create some fantasy line art on my tablet. It just keeps coming out really crap. #learningtodraw

My plan of finding a spot where I can sketch people on the street worked a lot a better than yesterdays abortive effort.

Couple of thumbnails to fill the page.

I had a cunning plan to come into town and sit in a Starbucks where I could sketch people on the street.

Guess which Starbucks is closed for renovations?

So I did some quick street sketches before retreating to 200 Degrees.


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