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Really pleased with this menagerie. #learningtodraw

Faces with emphasis on the construction and form. #learningtodraw

All done for the day. Feeling better about drawing after going back to basics and getting some half-decent results. #learningtodraw

Back to basics with animals was going quite well until the last couple when my brain lost. Clear sign it’s time to stop. #learningtodraw

More back to basics construction work. #learningtodraw

Been struggling with my drawing over the last couple of weeks so it’s back to to the basics of construction. #learningtodraw

Last night’s life drawing at @LifeDrawNottm . Not a good evening’s work, didn’t seem to find my flow. #learningtodraw

Life drawing in a little while so getting some practice in. These are 30 sec and 60 sec drawings, hence the complete mess. #learningtodraw

My animals have a distinctively Australian feel to them today. #learningtodraw

A new sketch pad which is great but my head is all over the place thanks to lack of sleep. #learningtodraw

Finishing the day, and the sketchbook, with experiments using a pencil ‘the right way’, e.g. flat to the page. #learningtodraw

Basic shape practice – building & mountains. #learningtodraw

Baby goats are a weird shape, I kid you not. #learningtodraw

For weeks I’ve been slowly getting better at constructing faces but in the last couple of days, I’ve lost it completely. #learningtodraw

Home time after a copious #learningtodraw session.

A very quick sketch based on one of my own photos to fill a page I’d accidentally left blank. #learningtodraw

Some buildings as practice on drawing basic shape and forms. #learningtodraw

I think that’s enough humans for now. Time to take a break and then it’s animal time. #learningtodraw

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