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Finally got my stride. Do I push on and do a third page or quit while I’m ahead (well breaking even at least). #learningtodraw

Slowly finding my brain through quick, sub-five minute life poses. #learningtodraw

A bit better. Today will be simply sketching and getting into the right focus. A specific techniqie might be too much today. #learningtodraw

Somewhat erratic results from an erratic brain. #learningtodraw

Ugh. I’m bit shit this morning, mostly because I’m a bit wired and struggling to get into the grove. #learningtodraw

The products of five hours solid work and I’m really pleased with it. More to learn but that will wait until tomorrow. #learningtodraw

Cleaned up and not too bad. Hands are a complete fuck up and the feet need work but a lot to be happy with. #learningtodraw

Inked but not yet cleaned up. #learningtodraw

Pencils which I’m happy with so time to ruin them with ink. #learningtodraw

Practicing inking. Left image finished, middle inked but not cleaned up and uninked. #learningtodraw

Pleased with a couple of these, less so with the other two. #learningtodraw

A bunch of faces with varying degrees of success. #learningtodraw

First warm-ups. Working on my process – trying combine left brain conscious planning with right brain artistic expression. #learningtodraw

Filling the page with quick life poses. Now done for the day. #learningtodraw

Another beauty turned into a drug addled streetwalker. Need to work on line weight and precision with the pen. #learningtodraw

Buggered up the inking but that is the point of experimenting. Successfully turned a hot young model into a past-it hooker. #learningtodraw

Trying to develop my inking skills so working at a larger scale and starting with a loose pencil sketch. #learningtodraw

Squeezing a couple more onto the page. #learningtodraw

Faces (and I’m pleased with them). #Learningtodraw

A good session at @LifeDrawNottm last night and some of my best ever work capturing the proportions and feel of the pose. #learningtodraw

Couple more ink experiments. Now off to life drawing. #learningtodraw

Trying a different inking style based on my recently developed looser pencil style. #learningtodraw

Somewhat lost my drawing flow once the election news broke. #learningtodraw

My drawing is mirroring my brain, flicking from totally shit to firing on all cylinders in the space of a single line. #learningtodraw

The only redeeming thing about today’s #learningtodraw session is that I did it.

Inking practice degenerated into speed drawing as my brain gave up on me. #learningtodraw

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