#tintin redraw page 12 in which Tintin takes a break from being racist to give a dog mouth-to-mouth. #learningtodraw

Barely visible very rough pencils 2h) of today’s #tintin redraw. Now to go over them in 2b do all the difficult bits. #learningtodraw

As ever, a standard warning that the original contains racist charactures. This will get worse as in two of pages #tintin reaches the Congo.

#tintin redraw page 11. Wildly inconsistent and the shark is shit but some good bits and good practice. #learningtodraw

30 mins into my 1 hour of #tintin redraw. Basic pencils done, this time in a 2h. Now to go over and add details with the 2b. #learningtodraw

#tintin redraw page 10 in which I screw up a shark. Plus side I’m now more confident at reinterpreting rather than copying. #learningtodraw

Top rows are late & early #tintin from reference but the rest is my attempts to get my interpretation of Tintin. #learningtodraw

Comparing late #tintin with early, Congo-era Tintin. Early version is rounded, smaller eyes and no mouth! #learningtodraw

Faces, 1 min poses and #tintin redraw. Now done and ready to walk home before it rains again. #learningtodraw

… and develop a style which fits with #tintin.

#Tintin redraw page 9, #learningtodraw, but ran out of time. Facing a real question about the racist depiction of black people …

#Tintin redraw page 8 with lots of water which doesn’t lend itself to quick shading in pencil. #learningtodraw

#tintin redraw page 8 and I’m starting to add my own interpretation rather than just copy. Necessary given what’s coming. #learningtodraw

The challenge for this page of #tintin was making the crewman in the last panel less of a racist stereotype. #learningtodraw

The 1hr time limit on my #tintin redraw is too short so I’m focusing on the characters rather than the background. Page 6. #learningtodraw

Times up on today’s #tintin page. The complexity of the background chewed up too much of my 60 min limit. #learningtodraw

#tintin in the Congo redraw page 4 plus original. I’m setting myself a 1 hour limit per page which makes life interesting. #learningtodraw

Page 3 of my redrawing #tintin project alongside the original. It’s noticeable I’m not getting the sizing right. #learningtodraw

One thing I’m noticing redrawing early #tintin is that herge’s panel layouts are erratic. #learningtodraw

Second page of my pencil redraw of #tintin in the Congo. Learning a lot about form doing this. #learningtodraw

A bit of change to #learningtodraw. Playing with ideas for a project for September so copying a page of #tintin.

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