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  • & We

    & We

    A reflection on three years as a mature student during a pandemic.

  • Us & Them

    Us & Them

    Protest & Counter-Protest, February 2023 – April 2023

The Power of Photography

The right image can change the world, yet for many community groups, musicians and protest organisers hiring a professional photographer is impossibly expensive.

This is why I make my services free to anyone, any group or any event which is trying make the world a little bit better. Basically, if you are not making money and are happy to shout “Fuck The Tories!” then I will photograph you.

While my time is given freely, it still costs money for expenses, equipment, and all the other things.

So we ask everyone to help a little.

If you can afford to help me help others one photo at a time, please donate.