Invite Me

Are you running an interesting event?

Well I would like to photograph it, so please invite me along.

I don’t charge (but may ask for help with expenses) and all my photos are available for everyone at the event to use.

What do I mean by interesting event?

It could be anything, and I mean anything – hen nights, conferences, litter picking – anything. The only criteria is that it’s something important or special to you. So not a normal day in the office (unless you work somewhere interesting like a nuclear power station).

DJs & musicians – I love live music so pretty much any gig counts as interesting.


I’m based in Nottingham. As a rule of thumb, estimate £2 per mile to your event from Nottingham City Centre. Obviously things vary depending on circumstances and for charity / community / progressive political events, we can often do it for free.

No Harm In Asking

No sure? Just ask, the worst which happens is that I say no, and I rarely say no unless I have other commitments.