Licenses & Legal (Can I Use Your Photos?)

Yes you can use my photos for free (see the legal small print).

If you are an individual or non-profit organisation you are free to use any of Chris Tregenza’s photos for any purpose on three conditions:

  • You are not making any money, promoting a business or doing anything which in anyway could be described as commercial
  • You credit Chris Tregenza (ideally with a link to this website or his social media)
  • You don’t claim any rights to the photo

Bands & DJs etc

If you are a performer or similar who is trying to make a living you can use my photos for free on your social media ONLY. You may not use the images on anything physical (posters etc) or on your website, Band Camp page or similar.

Businesses & Commercial Usage

The cost for licenses to use the photographs depends on how you want to use them. Contact for details. Use of any photos without written permission is prohibited.


If in doubt, ask.

Legal Small Print

All images (c) Chris Tregenza.

For non-commercial purposes this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

For commercial use of any images, please email.