Jubilee Sunset

By chance I was walking through the Jubilee Campus, Nottingham, just as there was a glorious sunset. I’ve always loved the innovative buildings of that campus, though they have taken a lot of flak from architects and locals alike. However, the light was catching the buildings in a way I’ve not seen before and I grabbed three images.

The featured image above, is the weakest of the three. When taking it I focused on the reflection and forgot to take get a good, central point for my image. My photo-editing was also a bit shonky with some fringing appearing on the edges of the building.

This is the killer shot and the view which first caught my eye. The slope of the building and the shape of the clouds creating diagonals which pull the eye. The hedge in the fore ground help gives some depth and framing to the image. If I had given some more thought to the shot I might of moved back so the hedge was less prominent but its not bad for something taken on the fly with the 50mm I happen to have on me.

This last shot isn’t perfect but I like the confusing mash of interior and reflections visible in the lit building, juxtaposed with the dark figure walking in the foreground.