Pic(s) Of The Week 2023-05-04

This week saw another fascist demonstration and counter-demonstration, this time in Skegness. This time around, our counter-protest was of a musical nature, with a group of singers from Louth singing tunes of resistance and hope as the racists walked by (featured image). The fascists were the usual mixture of thugs and morons led by some … Read morePic(s) Of The Week 2023-05-04

Village Gym Launch Day 2023-04-16

The Village Gym in Chilwell were having a launch day for the latest release of the Les Mills series of class (Body Pump, Body Balance etc). To mark the event they were running special classes in a large function room complete with disco lights, DJs and smoke machines. This created extremely challenging conditions for photography … Read moreVillage Gym Launch Day 2023-04-16

Stapleford Pro-Choice Demonstration 2023-03-25

Every lent, a weird religious group protests outside a NHS centre in Stapleford because it offers abortion services. They do it for 12 hours a day, every day for 40 days even when the centre is closed. Also, every year, pro-choice campaigners also protest by standing in front of the religious nutters. However they only … Read moreStapleford Pro-Choice Demonstration 2023-03-25

Pic(s) Of The Week 2023-03-23

For the last two or three weeks I’ve haven’t at my best photography-wise. I wasn’t taking bad photos but I wasn’t getting anything which excited me. This partly comes down to the nature of what I’ve been photographing has been largely dictated by my journalistic work it’s need for a more documentary approach. However this … Read morePic(s) Of The Week 2023-03-23