Pic(s) Of The Week 2023-03-23

For the last two or three weeks I’ve haven’t at my best photography-wise. I wasn’t taking bad photos but I wasn’t getting anything which excited me. This partly comes down to the nature of what I’ve been photographing has been largely dictated by my journalistic work it’s need for a more documentary approach. However this week, I’ve had several opportunities to grab more interesting photos such as the featured image above. One of my fellow students needed some photos taking for her project and after we had done them, I had a chance to grab a few shots.

This photo of a person watching the racist demonstration in Kegworth is still work in progress. I notice when I printed this image that the blacks & whites had been blown out in a few places and an artefact had crept around a traffic light. So I plan to take another pass at editing this image because I like the lines of this image – the horizontal verge and hedge contrasting the vertical man, light-posts and church.

Another image from the Kegworth demonstration. As the photo clearly shows, it was absolutely tipping it down but straight out of the camera it wasn’t obvious. However a bit of editing add sharpness and contrast and everyone can see why I got soaked.

An accidental still-life taken at the student occupation last week showing their food stash. It is like those classic still-life paintings of fruit and veg but a 21st century student version.