Pic(s) Of The Week 2023-03-16

Pretty slim pickings this week as I hadn’t any events to cover other than a few picket lines and other commitments have kept me away from going out just hunting for photos. It’s also been either raining or overcast all week so there’s not been much light to work with.

What I have been doing is putting time in learning how to manipulate photos more than just tweaking the colour / contrast a bit. Sometimes this is more successful than others. Such as the featured image which is of a picket-pooch which need some improvement in the lighting and blurring of the background.

This is from another picket line and probably my best photo of the week however I went too heavy on the blurring of the background and the effect looks unnatural.

I was editing this and other photos in a cafe when a stranger sat next to me said “Hi, I know that person, they are a colleague of mine”. We chatted for a little while and I sent him copies of the photos to pass on to his friend. So while not great, it at least reached someone who would appreciate it.

Family visited from abroad this week so it was a chance to grab a few photos. Again I worked on the editing but this time I needed to soften the face and hide a few blemishes. Again, not brilliant but a useful exercise and the photo does a good job at capturing the person.

Not quite a totally gratuitous cat photo. This little beauty as hanging around the back of the Nottingham Contemporary demanding attention from anyone passing by. I worked on the edit, darkening a lot of the background to bring the cat forward in the image. Not bad, but looking back at it I can see a couple of places where the light doesn’t look right.