Pic(s) of the Week 2023-04-27

A busy week with two counter-protests against the far-right in Lincoln and Long Eaton so I’ve decided to feature a busker I spotted while out on my lunch. The sun was incredibly bright casting deep, dark shadows just where the busker sat.

On Saturday I was in Lincoln for the counter-protest and then in Long Eaton on Sunday for another counter-protest. I was struck by the similarity of the two sides (above and below), one a trade unionist speaking to the crowd, the other an angry racist ranting at people.

Final image is a bit of palette cleanser. It was taken a couple of weeks ago on another bright spring day but I only got to process it this week. There was just something about the lamp post contrasted with the blue sky and white clouds which I found appealing. It’s reminiscent of the skys found in Rene Magritte’s work.