Pic(s) Of The Week 2023-05-04

This week saw another fascist demonstration and counter-demonstration, this time in Skegness. This time around, our counter-protest was of a musical nature, with a group of singers from Louth singing tunes of resistance and hope as the racists walked by (featured image).

The fascists were the usual mixture of thugs and morons led by some prat who likes to dress up as Hitler. The shot above sums them up them up well. In their heads they are proudly marching like the SS but in reality, they have all the military pomp of a dog turd. Here we see them playing on their phones, looking around and generally not paying attention.

Usually, the fascists had a couple of younger people. The normal thug is old, a heart attack waiting to happen but this chap above stood out from the crowd. This one has the “bullied at school” look to help, just desperate to find a way to hurt others the way he was hurt.

The was a more positive chance for photography as I had a chance to snap Yang looking contemplative. Yang is always a pleasure to shoot.