Pic(s) of the Week 2023-02-23

A busy week with around 250 photos taken on Friday, 1200 photos taken on Saturday and the usual opportunistic shots as I wander around. Such as the featured image above. A couple of young cyclists were practicing their tricks in the Market Square. The light was good so I stopped and spoke to them before grabbing a few shots.

I think this is my favourite shot of the week. Both because the sunset over the Jubilee Campus was gorgeous but also because of my photo-editing to tweaks the colours was successful.

Of all the photos I took at Saturday’s protest, this one stuck out. It’s not a journalistic image in the sense of news coverage but more the type of photo found in the traditional photo-story. The young anti-fascist protester with a bandana covering her face and a UCU hat seems to enrapture the shift in union and activist activity in the last few months. It has deep connections to the past but is also points to a more radical, colourful future.