Skate Nottingham 02/04/2023

To mark the opening of the new skater space near the Nottingham College Hub, Skate Nottingham held an open competition. About 50 – 75 skaters turned up, many travelling from outside the city, to compete for a £500 prize in a tricks competition.

It was chaotic, with a 30 minute period where everyone just went for it. Fortunately the skaters were use to this and their was a clear etiquette which prevented conflict and crashes. However, I know nothing about skating so finding safe spots to stand, being able to spot skaters about to make their runs and dodging the odd errant skateboard were all new skills I had to quickly learn.

The second part of the competition was for smaller prizes but skill level didn’t matter. Prizes were awarded for people doing tricks at the top end of their current skill level. Overall it was an incredibly inclusive and friendly event and a real joy to photograph.