Stapleford Pro-Choice Demonstration 2023-03-25

Every lent, a weird religious group protests outside a NHS centre in Stapleford because it offers abortion services. They do it for 12 hours a day, every day for 40 days even when the centre is closed. Also, every year, pro-choice campaigners also protest by standing in front of the religious nutters. However they only … Read moreStapleford Pro-Choice Demonstration 2023-03-25

Novotel Long Eaton Racists & Counter-Demo 2023-02-25

The Novotel Long Eaton, halfway between Nottingham and Derby, is being used to house migrants and has become a target in the recent wave of anti-migrant protests. The event was promoted by Yorkshire Rose, a prominent racist YouTuber. Local pro-refugee groups along with trade unions and other campaigners formed an counter-protest. Around 150 counter-protesters turned … Read moreNovotel Long Eaton Racists & Counter-Demo 2023-02-25

Brianna Ghey Vigil, Nottingham 2023-02-17

A sad event, in memory of Brianna Ghey who was brutally murdered. It was an event that touched the trans community deeply with all of them thinking “that could of been me”. I covered the event for Open Nottingham and the it was a challenging situation for photography, partly due to the poor lighting in … Read moreBrianna Ghey Vigil, Nottingham 2023-02-17

Racists In Rotherham

February 18th 2023. Manvers, Rotherham. Fascist organisation Patriotic Alternative called for a demonstration outside the Holiday Express hotel which was housing a number of refugees. This was following from a small protest in Mansfield and a large, violent protest in Knowsley in the preceding week. A counter protest was organised by Rotherham TUC and the … Read moreRacists In Rotherham

Mansfield Anti-Racism 2023-02-11

After a gang of far-right thugs harassed refugees in a Mansfield hotel, local anti-racism campaigners gather in the town’s Market Place to show that the fascists do not speak for the majority of the residents. The response from the people of Mansfield was amazing with a constant stream of shoppers stopping to sign petitions and … Read moreMansfield Anti-Racism 2023-02-11