Stapleford Pro-Choice Demonstration 2023-03-25

Every lent, a weird religious group protests outside a NHS centre in Stapleford because it offers abortion services. They do it for 12 hours a day, every day for 40 days even when the centre is closed. Also, every year, pro-choice campaigners also protest by standing in front of the religious nutters. However they only … Read moreStapleford Pro-Choice Demonstration 2023-03-25

Pic(s) Of The Week 2023-03-23

For the last two or three weeks I’ve haven’t at my best photography-wise. I wasn’t taking bad photos but I wasn’t getting anything which excited me. This partly comes down to the nature of what I’ve been photographing has been largely dictated by my journalistic work it’s need for a more documentary approach. However this … Read morePic(s) Of The Week 2023-03-23